300 Hp Cars under 15k

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300 Hp Cars under 15k

20 Of The Fastest Cars Available For Under $15,000


There are many high-performance cars available on the market at relatively affordable prices.

Every good driver who knows his worth knows that in this era and age, he/she doesn’t have to drive an expensive Formula 1 sports car to tear up the race track. And that means that by the mere fact that you live in this age where thrill and fun behind the wheel can come as cheap as $15,000, then you are a very lucky automotive aficionado. Over the last 5 years, many fast cars with great features like superb handling, powerful acceleration, swift braking system and so on, have flooded the market making it easy for car enthusiasts to purchase them without breaking their banks.

This general depreciation in the price of fast sports cars is as a result of the previous global economic depreciation and low level of demand due to the high price amongst most of these high-end fast cars. During the 2008 global economic crisis, many of the super wealthy people sold most of these expensive cars just to save themselves from being carried away by the strong tide of the economy.

300 Hp Cars Under 15k

Worried about getting the best 300 Hp Cars Under 15k? This is a detailed research on 300 hp cars under 10k. It contains 300 hp cars under 20k. If your preference is 300 hp cars under 5k, then this article is perfect for you.

With just a simple search, you will see it is possible to find some interesting machines with 300 HP or more on tap for around 10 grand. Read on to learn about the 20 best cars with 300 HP you can find for $10,000. The reason for the 300 HP rating is that it will provide you with plenty of driving excitement and performance in any car.

From executive sedans and muscle cars to GT coupes, you will find them all. Of course, if 300 HP is not enough for you, these cars could be the perfect platform for building the ultimate street rod of your choice.

300 Hp Cars Under 10k

300 Hp Cars Under 15k

  1. Audi S4 B6

Audi fans have always considered the Audi S4 a special car in the compact performance sedan class. Not only did it feature powerful engines and elegant styling, but it also had the famous Quattro all-wheel-drive system as standard. Introduced in 2003 and sold through 2005, the B6 generation of the S4 was a highly praised and quite accomplished car.

Under the hood was the 4.2-liter V8 with 340 HP which sounded great and revved all the way up to 7,000 rpm. The performance was equally impressive with 0 to 60 mph in just five seconds. Although they electronically limited it, its top speed was 155 mph.


  1. Mercedes S600

You probably didn’t know this, but you can own a V12, 6.0-liter, top of the line Mercedes S-Class for around $10,000. And if that sounds tempting, you bet it is. The Mercedes S600 in question was the W220 model, which they produced from 1999 to 2005. Interestingly, it was the biggest and most powerful factory-offered model.

Under the hood is a 6.0-liter V12 engine that delivers 391 HP. It is capable of propelling this big and heavy sedan to a 5.5 second 0 to 60 mph time. Even though it is electronically limited, it has a top speed of 155 mph. But, if you remove the limiter, it could reach 190 mph, which is insane for a car this big and luxurious.

  1. Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The third generation F-Body was a GM favorite muscle car offering from the early ‘90s. And it remained popular until 2003 when they discontinued the Camaro and its twin brother, the Pontiac Firebird. Chevy presented the Z28 Camaro in 1996. It featured a powerful 5.7-liter V8 producing 325 HP. And that was enough to launch it from 0 to 60 mph in just over five seconds, propelling it to 160 mph top speeds.

The third generation Camaro was a fairly simple car that was easy to maintain and work on. It featured a live rear axle, strong gearbox, and tough chassis. Basically, this was the perfect modern muscle car since it is tough and durable. Yet, it is reasonably fast with a big aftermarket offering of spare parts and go-fast components.

  1. Cadillac CTS-V

All CTS-V models are factory hot rods Cadillac offers with lots of power and brutal performances. However, only one generation is available for around 10 grand, and that is the first one they produced from 2004 until 2007.

The power comes from the LS V8 engine that pumps out 400 HP. Better still, they mated it to a six-speed manual transmission. And that combo is good enough for a sub-five second 0 to 60 mph time, which is more than enough for any speed freak.

  1. Chrysler 300C SRT-8

The Chrysler 300 C is an interesting car. It is one of the last, if not the last true American, boxy looking sedans with big V8 power and a chrome grille. Also, it’s a successful model that’s been on the market for over 15 years. A competitor to the BMW M5 or Mercedes E-Class AMG, the SRT-8 was a performance version of the 300C sedan.

Chrysler equipped the SRT-8 with a 6.1-liter V8 Hemi engine pumping out 425 HP. With a glorious soundtrack through the twin tailpipes, the SRT-8 was a fast, capable sedan. In fact, a 0 to 60 mph sprint took around 4.9 seconds and the top speed was over 170 mph.

  1. Chevrolet Corvette C5

The fifth generation of Chevrolet`s sports car, the Corvette was introduced in 1996 and stayed on the market until 2005, selling in big numbers and becoming a popular choice of sports car fans all over the world. The layout of this car is very competent and you will get a 350 HP 5.7-liter V8 in the front, gearbox and rear suspension together (transaxle system), which gives the C5 perfect weight distribution for sharp handling and all of that topped with the lightweight and aerodynamically efficient body.

  1. Ford Mustang GT

The word was stunned when Ford revealed the fifth generation Mustang in late 2004 as a 2005 model. The retro-futuristic design was perfect for the times. Not only did it capture the essence of the legendary first generation, but it also presented an elegant, sporty shape which is still modern, even 15 years after the unveiling.

With a 4.6-liter 300 HP V8 engine at first and a 5.0-liter 425HP V8 engine from the 2011 to 2014 model years, the GT was a capable car with exceptionally good road manners.

  1. Mercedes E55 AMG

In 1998, AMG released the ultimate version of a standard E-Class in the form of the E55 AMG. From the outside, the E55 AMG looked like any other E-Class with just minimal changes. But underneath the body, there was a 5.4-liter supercharged beast just waiting to be released.

With 349 HP and 391 lb-ft of torque, the E55 AMG could accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 5.4 seconds. And that was late ‘90s Porsche Turbo territory.

  1. Jaguar XJR

If you are a sucker for the everlasting Jaguar XJR style and looks, you will be pleased to know you can pick up one of those beautiful but problematic machines for under $10,000. Jaguar presented the XJR in 1998 and discontinued it in 2002.

This generation of the Jaguar XJR featured a supercharged version of their venerable 4.0-liter V8 engine. It powered the rear wheels through an automatic transmission, delivering 375 HP.


  1. Pontiac GTO

Produced for just three model years, from 2004 to 2006, the last GTO is a true performance bargain. Under the hood is an LS1 5.7-liter V8 that provides 350 HP. The GTO provides enough performance to be one of the hottest American cars for the 2004 model year.

The 2005 model year saw the introduction of the 400 HP 6.2-liter engine and even better performance of 0 to 60 mph times of just 4.6 seconds. But even that didn’t help, so by late 2006, Pontiac discontinued the GTO.


  1. Audi RS6

The first RS model that came to the U.S. was the 2003 Audi RS6 Sedan. It introduced the RS performance and philosophy to the American market in a perfect manner. The RS6 was 450 HP strong with a twin turbo.

A super sedan with unmistakable style, it provides a brutal performance and unbelievable handling thanks to its signature Quattro all-wheel drive train. The Audi RS6 cost around $85,000 when they first released it. But today, you can find it for exactly 10 percent of the original price.



  1. Dodge Charger R/T

The new Charger R/T sedan debuted in 2005 as a true American four-door with a rear wheel drive platform and optional AWD. Dodge provided a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine as the top engine choice. It had an aggressive muscular design that reminded the buyers of the Charger heritage and history.

And immediately, it was a fantastic success since it combined modern technology with retro styling and Hemi power. With 360 HP under the hood and the R/T package, this car is an affordable muscle sedan that delivers a respectable performance with easy maintenance.



  1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe

When Hyundai debuted it in 2010, the Genesis Coupe was a stylish and powerful entry-level sports car. Hyundai designed it to battle the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. It had a cool design and a rear-wheel-drive layout. Its top of the line engine choice was a 3.8-liter V6, which you could get with a 306 or 346 HP rating.

Despite its power and good looks, the Genesis Coupe couldn’t match the appeal of the Mustang or Camaro, so it wasn’t a big sales success. But this makes it an affordable and interesting proposition if you want 300 HP for an affordable price.


  1. Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

Despite the name, most people don’t consider the Pontiac Grand Prix to be a performance car. In fact, by the early 2000s, it was just an ordinary GM sedan. However, when Pontiac unveiled their GXP package, suddenly the front wheel drive Grand Prix was a hot performance car.

The GXP package consisted of 5.3-liter V8 sending 303 HP to the front axle. Also, it had an updated suspension and gearbox. The transformed this family sedan into a highway missile. For sure, the GM engineers invested a lot of time to make this front wheel drive car perform and handle like a European performance sedan.


  1. BMW 550i E60

The BMW M5 is the perfect performance sedan, but it doesn’t fit this list since there isn’t a good example at the price range of $10,000. However, the next best thing is the E60 550i with 380 HP from its V8 engine in either an automatic or manual. Whatever version you find, you will get a perfectly balanced chassis, a powerful engine, and a luxurious interior.

In fact, the 550i E60 is a highway cruiser that produces north of 300 HP for less than 10 grand, which is the deal of a lifetime. Just bear in mind that the maintenance can be costly.

300 Hp Cars Under 20k

Used Car Websites

Buying a new or used vehicle is a big decision — both financially and in terms of the amount of time we spend in our cars. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s an app for that. Cars, trucks, and SUVs of all types can be found online today. You don’t even need to leave your couch to research, browse, inquire, and finance your next vehicle.

Here are some of the best used-car websites around.

19 2007 Mercedes S600

via bentleymotorscharlotte.com

The Mercedes S600 is the perfect car for any passionate motor head. This car is a perfect blend of a big car and a bigger engine, that’s why it’s able to hit a maximum speed of 180mph without any limits. Apart from being a speed demon, the Mercedes S600 has a thing for comfort as the car seat helps to massage your back when you’re on the wheels. It has a 5.5 Liter V12 twin-turbo engine that generates 460 horsepower. Amazingly, you can get this car with somewhere around $13,500 to $14,000 depending on the car dealer you are working with.

18 Chevrolet Corvette C6

via autoevolution.com

If you are a drag race fan or even an average driver, you will obviously love this American built car. The Chevrolet Corvette C6 is a rugged and big V8 powered car that can corner and handle as well as a Ducati motorcycle. For the first time in 2017, the price of the Chevrolet Corvette C6 broke through the $15,000 mark and was sold at a more affordable price for the public.

The 186 mph car is powered by a 6L engine that generates 400 horsepower with a torque of 400 lb-ft.

The Corvette C6 will reach 60 in the space of 4.2 seconds and will gain another ground of 100mph before your brother’s Toyota Corolla hits 60.

17 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

via caranddriver.com

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS is a formula automobile that has a coupe body design and a rear wheel drive system This car has a powerful 6.2L V8 engine that outputs 426 horsepower. With this, the beast pushes out an amazing top speed of 200mph. This technically means that it will run a soccer field in one second. However, you have to be patient when finding the Chevrolet Camaro SS for purchase because the production of the Chevrolet Camaro SS was halted for some time. Thus, the numbers of the car model were limited and rare to find at some time. But if you’re patient enough in your search, you could get one below $15,000 that’ll be worth your search.

16 Audi S8

via powerhousepark.com

The Audi S8 has a 10 cylinder V10 engine that outputs a whopping 450 horsepower with a torque of 398 lb-ft. This German machine has a body crafted out of 17 sheets of metal which makes the body quite tough and durable giving it a weight of 4,500 pounds. This, notwithstanding, doesn’t stop it from hitting a maximum speed of 180 mph. The Audi S8 has the V10 engine of the Lamborghini Gallardo, but despite this, it will never go below $15,000 in this lifetime. Thus it’s a great privilege to drive and handle a car as this. However, it’s important to note that it costs a big fortune to fix the car when something get’s broken. Probably that has been a good reason for the car’s price to drop from its original price of $100,000 to a fraction below $15,000.

15 Audi TT VR6

via motor-talk.de

If you’ve watched the Will Smith movie “I Robot,” then you’ll remember the Audi TT VR6. Back then in 2014, the movie made us believe that the Audi TT VR6 was a car of the future. Well, they got it right.

This German car is one fantastic speed demon that can still tear up any race track any day at any time.

The beauty about the car is that you can’t be limited by any amount above $15,000 to buy this car because you can comfortably pick up the keys of your own at $14,200 depending on the car dealer. This all-wheel-drive car runs on a 3.2 L VR6 engine that generates 274 horsepower with a torque of 236lb-ft. And with all that it hits a maximum speed of 170mph.

14 2008 Nissan 350z

Via Car Throttle

The 2008 Nissan 350z is an upgrade of the first Datsun 240z which aided in recuperating the category of affordable fast sports cars in the 1970s. The 2008 Nissan 350z is the perfect follow up for the Datsun 240z mission. The 2008 Nissan 350z is one car that gives a remarkable performance considering its affordable price. This car has a 3.5L V6 engine which generates 305 horsepower – something that is uncommon for a lot of entry-level sports cars who trade power for affordability. The beauty of this car will make you mistake it for a concept car considering the fact that it can still stand as a modern day car. To crown it all, the 155mph car can be bought at $14,700, giving you $300 to spare for the first gallons of fuel you’ll waste doing burnouts and quarter miles.

13 2011 BMW 328i

via motortrend.com

If you follow the trend, you’d have noticed the rate at which the BMW 3 series gets an outrageous amount of praise from different automotive journalists. This occurs frequently because BMW has been able to build better small luxury sedans than its competitors for the past thirty years. At this point, you can take a good guess that this model represents one of the times when BMW was at its game. Hence, it’s safe to say that this car has everything a driver could ever want, from a very special engine, rear-wheel drive system, to a manual transmission. It also reaches a top speed of 155 mph thanks to the engine’s maximum power of 230 HP at 6500 rpm. With an estimated price of about $13,500, you’d be able to land this four-door wagon body styled BMW with an interior that will “wow” you in every way.

12 Porsche Boxster S

via silverarrowcars.com

Having a fast sports car can be amazing but being a fan without enough funds to purchase yours can be heartbreaking, especially if you love Porsches. But the good news is, with less than $15,000, and a willingness to go back a few years, you can achieve your dream of getting one of the fastest cars around. You can be sure that the mid-engine design of this model is top-notch. It also has an open-top design with a chassis that fits to be called one of the best-balanced chassis that exists. With this, you can be sure that this baby will run with full confidence on the road course.

This car uses a 3.2 L six-cylinder engine that has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 250 HP and a top speed of 164 mph.

With its six-speed manual transmission, you can be sure that you’d go beyond imagining what it feels like to be in a sports car, to experiencing the thrill as you should in the real world.

11 Mazda MX-5

Via Autoblog

The Mazda MX-5 is a Third Generation Mazda car that gives a fantastic competition to the wild Honda S2000. This beast also comes from the category of compact roadster cars. However, it has a moderate horsepower and a simply-built design that gives its counterpart, Honda S2000, a run for its money. Apparently, it’s more affordable than the Honda S2000 going at a better price of $12,900. If you want to boost your driving skills, the 167 horsepower and torque of 140lb-ft of the beast’s 2.0L four-cylinder engine can help you bolster the road without stress.

10 Ford Mustang GT

via fastlanecars.com

If a 4.6 L V8 engine with the capacity to produce a maximum power of 300 HP and maximum torque of 320lb-ft is your target, with a budget of $14,500, and then the Ford Mustang is your sure bet. This car uses an incredible engine that can be backed up with a five-speed automatic transmission or five-speed manual transmission. If that doesn’t make you happy then wait till you know that this car benefits from one of the best aftermarkets in the world. In case you’re confused at this point of what this means, then that can be loosely translated to mean that the Mustang can be turned into the wild beast you desire with a choice of upgrades to the handling and power of this muscle car.

9 Honda S2000

via wikipedia.org

The Honda S2000 will give you a run for your money if you’re all out for a high-strung roadster. Want to know more? This car has been described on several occasions as a four-wheeled sports bike. By now, you should have an idea of what this model is all about. With about $13,800, you can buy this car with it’s 2.0 L four-cylinder engine that can produce a maximum torque of 153 lb-ft and a maximum power of 237 HP.

This 2003 first generation model features a six-speed manual transmission.

This car will definitely meet your needs and budget as long as you don’t mind working with the gearbox, which is in place to mainly keep the engine spinning.

8 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

via youtube.com

In 2010, the Hyundai Genesis coupe did a good job making the list of affordable sports cars and this is because it has two performance-focused engines. The first engine is a 2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can produce a maximum power of 212HP. The second engine is a range-topping all-aluminum 3.8L V6 engine that gives out an impressive maximum power of 306 HP and a maximum torque 263 lb-ft. Hence, with a budget of about $14,800, you’d be able to brag about a fantastic sports car that can cover 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. All engines of the Hyundai Genesis come with a six-speed manual gearbox.

7 Saturn Sky Redline

Via Atlanta Autos

This 2-door roadster with an FMR layout was produced by General motors in 2006. The unfortunate thing that caught up with this admirable machine that uses a 2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine was financial trouble.The good news is with your budget of about $14,000, you’d be able to get this awesome car that has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 260 HP and maximum torque of 260 lb-ft. If you’re particular about body kits then you won’t be disappointed by this car. The Saturn Sky Redline has an aggressive body kit with a stiffer suspension system. It has a top speed of 123 mph. If you’re not impressed with its power and torque output, then worry not as the Redline has an upgrade kit to boost the output to 340lb-ft of torque and power to 290 HP.

6 Subaru WRX STI

Via Daily Turismo

You don’t have to have up to $15,000 in the bank to get the Subaru WRX STI as this car goes around $14,000 to $14,500. This beast has a swift all-wheel drive system and a small engine with a big power output. This car is an epitome of “beauty with brains.”

This baby has a turbocharged 2L engine that generates about 300 horsepower and 300lb-ft of Torque.

The Subaru WRX STI’s light weight of 3,300 pounds contributes to its 160mph maximum speed, even though it has a small engine.

5 Mazda RX-8

via wikipedia.org

This sports car would make you happy with your budget of about $12,000 because it has unique features that’ll get your attention like its 1.3 L rotary engine that can produce a maximum power of about 232 HP at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 159 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. This model uses a six-speed manual transmission and it has a low center of mass design. This feature gives this model a level of handling competency which is unusual in a car that has a backseat. Apart from it having a set of rear-hinged doors that can open up the side of the car, it permits adult-friendly entrance and outlet. However, it’s best to go for the 2009 model of this car to get the worth of your money.

4 2004 Mercedes SL55 AMG

Via Pinterest

If you are a diehard automotive enthusiast, the 2004 Mercedes SL55 AMG is one of the cars you should drive and experience before you rest (in peace). This car is one of the few things that you must and should experience before you get old. And here’s why. Speed should be the second name of this Mercedes SL55 AMG as this baby can hit an incredible 200 miles in less than an hour – which in less twisting terms refers to a top speed of over 200mph. This is because of its 5.4L engine that can generate 493 horsepower at 6100 rpm and 516ft-lbs of torque at an incredibly low 2750 rpm. Driving this car is also comfortable as it has massaging seats that help you calm your nerves while you’re pedalling down the throttle. And swiftly moving to the price you can get it for something around $14,500.

3 Kia Forte EX

via pinterest.com

You can buy this awesome Kia Forte EX for just under $15,000. This is another speed demon you can comfortably bet your money on. Even though its manufacturer, Kia, doesn’t focus on producing fast sports cars like Ferrari and the likes, for this one they made an obvious exception.

The Kia Forte EX comes with a 2.0 L engine that outputs 164 horsepower at 6,200 rpm with a torque of 151lb-ft at 4,000 rpm, which manages to push the car to speeds well over 210km/h.

It also has a beautiful interior design that consists of a 4.3” digital screen with Bluetooth, rear camera, satellite radio and other great features that will give your money’s worth. This car also has a lot of space for the driver and passengers to comfortably spread their feet while on the move.

2 Mazda 3

Via Wikipedia

We know you must think it’s impossible to get a fast sports car made by Mazda, below $15,000, right? Apparently, the Mazda 3 which was first introduced in 2003 is one fast Mazda car you can get below $15,000. It has a pure blend of swift handling and awesome looks which any motor head won’t resist. However, you have to choose the “Mazda i” with a 2.0L engine over the “Mazda s” with a 2.5L engine, because of your budget which is below $15,000. Not to worry, the “Mazda i” will still register in the books of fastest cars under $15,000 because its engine generates 158 horsepower to achieve a maximum speed of 200 km/h – which is way better than what a Toyota Prius will give you with a higher price tag.

1 BMW M3

Via Autogespot

The last but not the least on this article is this fantastic E46-generation car that was given to buyers in America. This occurred between 2001 and 2006. With about $14,100 you’d be able to get this two-door coupe that makes you feel so comfortable with its leather interior. The M3 doesn’t just woo you with its interior comfort. It goes a step further to make your heart pump faster with its 3.2 L six-cylinder engine. This engine has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 333 HP and crowns all this up with a top speed of 174 mph. The BMW M3 is certainly everything you’ve dreamed of with your budget in mind. To get the best out of the M3, it’s best to use the six-speed traditional design because it’s easier to drive compared to the model’s offer of a semi-automated manual gearbox.

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