Best Compact Cars with Big Boots

 to find the most capacious little hatchbacks, as picked by heycar’s team of automotive experts.

Honda Jazz

Year launched: 2020

If you’re in the market for a small car with a huge boot, you needn’t look any further than the Honda Jazz. The latest model is a hybrid but don’t fear – its development team were given strict instructions that the petrol-electric drivetrain simply couldn’t affect the incredible practicality that the compact hatchback has become renowned for.

As such, the Honda Jazz can carry 304 litres of luggage. That’s not hugely impressive, but its clever ‘magic seat’ system allows you to flip and fold the rear bench to prioritise van-like practicality when required. It’ll swallow everything from a mountain bike to garden plants. 

The aforementioned hybrid setup means it’ll be very cheap to run, officially capable of more than 60mpg. All Jazz models are well equipped and, if you want a more rugged version, there’s the SUV-like Crosstar model…

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Nissan Note

Year launched: 2016

The Nissan Note is a cheap and practical small car. Prices start at under £4000 and all models provide a maximum of 411 litres of boot space. 

The rear seats in the Note are fully adjustable, which means you can slide them back to maximise passenger space or push them forwards to prioritise storage. But even with the rear seats pushed right back, you still get 325 litres of boot space – which is better than the Ford Fiesta and Dacia Sandero Stepway.

The Note isn’t available as a new car anymore in the UK – Nissan stopped selling it in 2016 – but there are lots of deals on the used market. Both the 1.5-litre diesel and 1.2-litre petrol are efficient and smooth engines, with the former advertised with 80+mpg. 

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SEAT Ibiza

Year launched: 2017

Comfortable, practical and cheap to run, the SEAT Ibiza is one of the most rounded small cars you can buy. Despite its compact size, the Ibiza punches above its weight when it comes to space, which makes it a very usable and likeable compact hatchback. 

The Ibiza’s boot has 355-litres of boot space, which makes it extremely versatile. The seat seats can be folded and split, which means you can utilise the full load length of the car and still carry one or two passengers in the back. With both rear seats down the Ibiza has up 823 litres – more than enough to lug around bulky bits of furniture. 

On the road, the Ibiza is comfortable and easy to drive. There is lots of passenger space and the wide windscreen provides perfect all-round visibility. What’s more, powered by SEAT’s excellent turbocharged 1.0-litre engine, the Ibiza will return 50+mpg. 

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Volkswagen Polo

Year launched: 2017

The latest Volkswagen Polo is a car that we rate very highly. In fact, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say it’s the best small hatchback on sale today. It also has a huge boot, which makes it one of the most practical. 

The Polo shares its mechanical platform and engines with the Ibiza, which means you get 355 litres of storage space with the rear seats in place. Like the SEAT Ibiza, this Volkswagen has a wide and deep boot space and this makes it very practical for the day-to-day. 

The Polo might share a lot of its oil bits with the Ibiza, but it isn’t a clone. Far from it, the Polo is more refined, quieter on the motorway and better styled. You also get a colourful interior that gives the cabin a funky lift over the dull and grey design found in the SEAT. 

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Dacia Sandero Stepway

Year launched: 2013

Cheap, easy to drive and wonderfully versatile, the Dacia Sandero Stepway is an easy car to recommend. Admittedly, the interior is a little cheap and cheerful, but if you want a practical and affordable small car then the Dacia is difficult to fault. 

The Sandero’s big boot is a big selling point. You’ll find 320 litres in the boot, and this can be extended to a whopping 1200 litres if you lower the rear bench. The interior might appear low rent, but the hard and scratchy plastics are tough and easy to clean. This means you can throw things in the back and feel confident that nothing will get damaged in the process. 

Behind the wheel, the Dacia is no match for its pricer rivals. The road handling will not win any Top Gear prizes, but it is comfortable and predictable to drive. There is a good choice of efficient engines, too, with petrol, diesel and LPG on offer. If you want a cheap and practical car, the Dacia will not disappoint. 

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