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Finding the best cars like best nissan cars 2021 or trying to find out which are the best suvs and electric cars could be a great adventure for most but for some it can be a nightmare. We have done all the hard work needed when it comes to understanding what the best type of car would be for you. So that you can easily settle on which are the best cars to buy and enjoy, regardless of whether you’re looking for a car to use locally, or internationally.

Nissan has an exciting 12 months ahead of it with remarkable new car releases already planned for the year. Amongst the new releases, Nissan will launch a brand-new all-electric SUV – the first of its kind for the Japanese manufacturer – along with a new prototype of the Nissan Z, suitably named the Nissan Z Proto.

Also on the calendar for new Nissan releases are 2 new electrified versions of the extremely popular Qashqai crossover available as either a 1.3-litre mild hybrid or 1.5-litre e-Power hybrid.

Nissan Qashqai 2021 Price

1.      2021 Nissan ARIYA

One of the most exciting new releases from Nissan is undoubtedly the upcoming all-electric SUV – the Nissan ARIYA. What once was just a concept, will now launch and make history as the brand’s first-ever 100% electric SUV model. Currently, the manufacturer’s EV range consists of the Nissan LEAF hatchbackand E-NV200 van range.

Promising up to 310 electric miles on a single charge, the Nissan ARIYA is set to rival the Tesla Model Y for its high driving range that helps get rid of any ‘range anxiety’ you may feel.

Along with powerful acceleration, the ARIYA prides itself on its quiet and smooth operation thanks to remarkable engineering such as the company’s new e-4ORCE platform as well as highly advanced driver assistance technology. 

The Nissan ARIYA has named itself a ‘force of wonder’ and ‘the purest expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility’. But best of all, there are multiple configurations of the ARIYA that you can choose from to make sure you drive home the best one ARIYA for your lifestyle.

Use the table to compare all upcoming Nissan ARIYA versions to find the perfect spec for you: 

ARIYA 63kWhARIYA 87kWhARIYA e-4ORCE 63kWHARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWhARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance
Battery Capacity63kWh usable – total 65kWh87kWh usable – total 90kWh63kWh usable – total 65kWh87kWh usable – total 90kWh87kWh usable – total 90kWh
DC Peak Powerup to 130kWhup to 130kWhup to 130kWhup to 130kWhup to 130kWh
Electric MotorSingleSingleDualDualDual
Driving RangeUp to 223 miles (WLTP combined)Up to 310 miles (WLTP combined)Up to 211 miles (WLTP combined)Up to 285 miles (WLTP combined)Up to 248 miles (WLTP combined)
Torque300Nm 300Nm560Nm600Nm600Nm
0-62mph7.5 seconds7.6 seconds5.9 seconds5.7 seconds5.1 seconds
Top Speed100mph100mph124mph124mph124mph
Overall Length4,595mm4,595mm4,595mm4,595mm4,595mm
Overall Width1,850mm1,850mm1,850mm1,850mm1,850mm
Overall Height1,660mm1,660mm1,660mm1,660mm1,660mm
Boot Size466 litres466 litres408 litres408 litres408 litres

Follow the link below to discover more details, features, specs and price information as well as exclusive images in our detailed blog about the Nissan ARIYA.

Discover Nissan ARIYA

2.      2021 Nissan Qashqai Hybrid

Set to arrive later this year are two new additions to the Nissan Qashqai range, but this time with an electric twist. The new 2021 Nissan Qashqai releases will see a 1.3-litre mild-hybrid version as well as a smarter 1.5-litre e-Power hybrid that is more similar to an electric vehicle than a hybrid.

The simplest way to explain the difference between the two models is that the e-Power electric motor driven system’s main power source is an electric motor with a petrol ‘range extender’. In contrast, the 1.3-litre mild hybrid is powered by an internal combustion engine (petrol) with a small electric motor that helps recover lost energy for improved on-board efficiency.

In other words, the biggest difference between the two new Nissan Qashqai releases is their power source. For the 1.3-litre mild-hybrid, the wheels are powered by the petrol engine, unlike the e-Power hybrid where the electric motor is the source of power behind the wheels. 

Learn more about the new Nissan Qashqai hybrid models by following the link below.

Discover Qashqai Hybrid Powertrains

3.      2021 Nissan Z Proto

In September 2020 – after 11 years since the 370Z debuted – Nissan revealed images of the famous 370Z’s successor otherwise known as the Nissan Z Proto. It’s also been speculated that the new Z sports car will take the 400Z name upon launch which is set to happen in a matter of months in the Spring of 2021.

The Nissan Z Proto / 400Z will rival the likes of the Ford Mustang, Porsche 718 and other popular sports cars such as the Toyota GR Supra. Though little is known about engine size and power, we can only assume we’ll get more power than the Nissan 370Z, meaning we can expect anything above 325bhp from the Nissan 400Z.

In fact, it has been widely reported that the new Nissan Z Proto ‘400Z’ will come equipped with a twin-turbo v6 engine boasting close to 400bhp. The 400Z with 400bhp? Makes sense.

Its main rival, the Toyota GR Supra delivers 382bhp, so we can only hope that Nissan has taken this into account and this time has got the upper hand on its Japanese rival.

Sadly the New Nissan Z sports car won’t be coming to the European or UK markets which is disappointing. Nonetheless, we’re sure you’ll join us to see what the brand comes up with and follow its journey to launch!

Want to read more about the Nissan Proto Z? Follow the link below to a more detailed article on the upcoming Nissan sports car.

A quick overview of the 25th annualAutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSAs)

The 2021 Nissan Armada full-size SUV model | Nissan Motor Corporation

The annual AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards have been analyzing vehicle satisfaction surveys for more than two decades to identify and provide motor vehicle enthusiasts with the best-performing cars. All the surveys are objective and filled by vehicle owners to provide an accurate view of the car in question. On the other hand, vehicle rankings are based on  36 attributes, including best in class, reliability, interior design, and vehicle performance. 

Identifying the winners is methodical, and the top cars are determined from more than 50,000 responses of new car owners, who represent a full and accurate view of the vehicle ownership experience. This makes the AutoPacific VSAs the best place to get true and unbiased insights into your favorite vehicles, especially if you’re looking for a car that will give you the most satisfying experience. 

Top 4 Nissan models that won AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards this year

Nissan has been reigning over the AutoPacific VSAs, taking home the most awards for three years straight. It also has the most best-in-class awards compared to other brands, with the Murano being a five time-winner and the Maxima a four-time winner. Four models from the Nissan NEXT transformation plan collection won the award for best-in-class, and all of them have been extensively redesigned as part of Nissan’s global plans to transform the car ownership experience.

Nissan released a press release on its win, and the Nissan U.S. Marketing and Sales senior vice president, Mike Colleran, highlighted that new models would be hitting the showrooms soon. He further stated that they were glad that the company’s vehicle redesigns provided customers with a satisfying experience and hoped that the reinvented Nissan brand would continue thrilling them. 

The four Nissan models that won the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards in 2021 are the 2021 Rogue as the best selling mid-size crossover SUV, the 2021 Armada as the most satisfying large SUV, the 2021 Sentra as the best selling compact car, and the 2021 Versa as the most satisfying subcompact car. 

How were the 4 winners chosen?

The 2021 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards involved more than 86,000 vehicle owners. Here’s why these four Nissan models won:

Nissan Rogue: best selling mid-size crossover SUV

Instead of focusing on one individual attribute, the Nissan Rogue balances out a wide range of features to deliver a satisfying experience. It has a huge cargo area, a roomy cabin, a sleek exterior and is available with both standard safety tech and all-wheel drive. 

Nissan Armada: most satisfying large SUV

This Nissan model has won in this category for three years in a row. It has clearly won the hearts of its owners with a great experience, and even though it was competing against three grand SUVs, vehicle owners rated it as the best in 29 categories out of the 36 attributes. 

Nissan Sentra: best selling compact car

The Nissan Sentra is very sleek, which is why it’s not surprising that it was either ranked equally or very satisfying on all available attributes. Vehicle owners especially loved it for its great color pallets, modern cabin, sharp exterior, braking, fuel economy, and acceleration, among other areas. 

Nissan Versa: most satisfying subcompact car

Nissan Versa owners praised it for its sleek styling, front-seat comfort, interior design, high fuel economy, driver’s seat, and visibility. They were particularly impressed at how the Versa was budget-friendly, despite its many features.  

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The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Is Loaded With Family-Friendly Features

The Nissan Pathfinder was first introduced in 1985 as the Japanese vehicle manufacturer’s response to the Chevy Blazer. Sales numbers have always remained relatively modest compared to competitors since the Nissan Pathfinder’s introduction, never exceeding 90,000 units sold in any year. But with the new, family-friendly 2022 Pathfinder loaded with features, it seems Nissan wants to claim a spot on the sales leaderboard.

The Nissan Pathfinder is one of the most kid-friendly midsize three-row SUVs

2022 Nissan Pathfinder | Nissan Motor Corporation

MotorTrend reviewers seem pretty impressed with the new 2022 Nissan Pathfinder, writing that “Nissan is eager to return to the midsize three-row SUV sales leaderboard.” They continue by stating, “So designers and product planners toiling on the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder put on their thinking caps and came up with a raft of cool upgrades aimed at making us forget all about the unlamented fourth-generation ‘Mallfinder’ midsize three-row crossover.

MotorTrend pointed out nine of these family-friendly features in a recent June 2021 review of the 2022 Pathfinder. The Platinum trim comes standard with newly available second-row captain’s chairs equipped with one-touch electric release buttons. “The switches lift and tilt the seat without changing the backrest angle, so it can be done with a child seat installed,” the author explained. The passage between the second row measures 10 inches, starting at the floor, with the widest point measuring 24 inches.

Nissan’s Zero Gravity design concept added 4.7 inches of hip room in third-row seats. The author of the MotorTrend review called it a “Three-Kid Third Row.” However, “There’s not quite enough height from hip to ankle for taller adults to get comfy, and the 46.7 inches of official hip room is tight for three adults,” they clarified.

Nissan has made the rear heat, and AC controls to a level that makes it easier for kids of all ages to reach. Another significant update for 2022 is having the second-row AC vents moved to the side rails of the ceiling rather than in the center console. By positioning the AC vents there, the cold air won’t dry out a baby’s eyes. On top of that, it’s a more energy-efficient way to cool the space and allows more room for a panoramic roof.

Nissan Pathfinder: Great utility features for busy families

Nissan did remember that teenagers and adults will be passengers of the 2022 Pathfinder as well, so you’ll find plenty of great utility features for families with busy lives. Since smartphones have become an increasing part of that business, the passenger-side dash tray is deep and wide—two of the largest smartphones or phablets on the market today, the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, can sit side by side.

A sizeable Qi-format wireless charging mat is in the center console, allowing for a third smartphone of similar size. Sloping down and forward, the wireless charging mat has a rubbery surface for improved grip, as well as a “lip” at the bottom.

The MotorTrend review stated that “Pathfinders equipped with the captain’s chairs in the second row also get a center console that’s a breeze to remove.” Additionally, the cup holders are “Big-Gulp Friendly,” capable of accommodating even the largest refillable water bottles within reason. But it’s not only large beverages Nissan thought about: a four-foot-wide cargo area allows you to fit sheets of plywood in the rear.

For those trips that require wings, six TSA-approved roll-aboard suitcases can be stuffed behind the third row. That’s two piles of three. Tailgaters can also fit their 120-quart cooler back there. A big under-floor bin with wipe-clean plastic lining is the perfect solution for grubbier items. Not only does this bin have removable dividers, but friction hinges keep the lid open as well.

The starting MSRP of $33,410 won’t get you many family-friendly features

Nissan’s tagline for the 2022 Pathfinder is “Return to rugged.” But don’t think you’ll be doing any returning to rugged merely paying the base price. The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder is powered by either a 2WD or 4WD drivetrain. The 2WD model has an MSRP of $33,410, while the 4WD model is priced starting at $35,310, according to Nissan.

If you’re one who sees little logicality in buying a 2WD SUV and opts for the 4WD model, all trims come standard with a 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve direct-injection V6 engine. It produces 284 hp and 259 lb-ft of torque, paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission with “manual mode.”

For features listed by MotorTrend, such as the second-row fold-down captain’s chairs, the panoramic moonroof, and the wireless charger, be prepared to spend $48,090 on the 4WD Platinum trim. The “Latch and Glide” seating system and 3rd-row 60/40-split fold-flat reclining bench seat come standard in the S trim model.

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2022 Nissan Armada

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2022 Nissan Frontier

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2021 Nissan Leaf

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2022 Nissan Maxima

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2022 Nissan Murano

Price Range: $32,910 to $46,160GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►

2022 Nissan Pathfinder

Price Range: $33,880 to $48,640GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►See 2021

2022 Nissan Rogue

Price Range: $26,700 to $37,980GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►

2021 Nissan Rogue Sport

Price Range: $24,160 to $30,190GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►See 2021

2022 Nissan Sentra

Price Range: $19,610 to $22,200GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►

2021 Nissan Titan

Price Range: $36,950 to $59,680GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►

2021 Nissan Versa

Price Range: $14,980 to $18,390GET YOUR PRICEMore Info ►

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