Best-Selling Cars 2019

The Best Selling Cars 2019 is a list of the best selling vehicles worldwide, based on vehicle sales reported by automotive industry statisticians including Best Selling Cars 2019. The list includes Best Selling Cars 2019 since 1974 and it is also a regular feature of many newspapers and business magazines as a useful indicator of which are the Top-Selling Cars 2019 in the world. As such, we present here 10 of our Top-Selling Cars 2019.

Best Selling Car Brand In The World 2019

The Toyota Corolla celebrates 15 straight years as the world’s best-seller.

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29/04 update: Now with the Top 15 groups and Top 30 brands.

24/04 update: Now with a Top 10 sneak peek, Renault-sourced data and complete Turkey and Puerto Rico/USVI sales.

For the 9th consecutive year (since 2011), we present to you our exclusive Full Year worldwide models ranking, for 2019. We are proud to say that this is the most complete and accurate worldwide ranking published anywhere in the automotive press. It takes into account official sales data from 140 markets, plus estimates for missing models. If you came across different 2019 worldwide rankings earlier elsewhere, they are incomplete as they do not take into account as many markets as we do. At BSCB we like to avoid rushing publication to keep our data accurate and as complete as possible. As always and to ensure our calculations are transparent, complete notes are included in the data table to show what variants, generations and rebadges are included for each nameplate, as often a car can be sold under various names and/or brands depending on the region. If a nameplate you are expecting doesn’t come up, look it up by searching the word in the page and it will lead you straight to it on the table, either as a main nameplate in the ranking or as a side note.

3 consecutive years above 1 million annual global sales for the Ford F-Series.

In 2019, the Toyota Corolla celebrates 15 consecutive years as the best-selling vehicle in the world, with sales up 4.5% to 1.48 million units. In a move welcome by OCD nerds like me, the new generation is now sold everywhere in the world including Japan where it completed the replacement a specific model there last August with the launch of the globally-aligned sedan and station wagon variants. The Corolla’s #1 market in the world in 2019 is however China where it sold 574.000 units including its twin the Levin. Check out our test drive of the Australian Corolla hatch here. In second place again, the Ford F-Series (-1.7%) edges down to 1.07 million units, marking only the 4th time in history it ends the year above the 1m mark after 20042017 and 2018. North America accounts for 98.9% of the F-Series global volume.

The Toyota RAV4 almost became the first SUV to sell 1 million units globally.

One million annual global sales is a milestone the Toyota RAV4 (+16.4%) missed by just 33.000 units this year, due to a late new generation launch in China. Once a pioneer in the segment, the RAV4 spectacularly reclaims the title of best-selling SUV in the world for the first time in over a decade thanks to the full-blown success of its new hybrid variant. The Honda CR-V was the #1 SUV in the world from at least 2011 to 2014 and the Nissan X-Trail from 2015 to 2018. Given where 2020 is headed, unless it amasses a significantly higher volume in China the Toyota RAV4 will likely have to wait 2021 to become the first SUV to ever sell 1 million units worldwide in a single year. Check out our 11.000 km RAV4 adventure here.

The Honda CR-V is the #2 SUV in the world, with sales up 12.3% in 2019.

The RAV4 has secured a 145.000 unit-advantage over the Honda CR-V (+12.3%) also extremely dynamic and up 5 spots on 2018 to #4 overall. Honda even manages to place two nameplates in the worldwide Top 5 this year, with the Civic (-1.9%) enjoying success both in North America and China – these two regions totalling almost 80% of its global volume. The VW Tiguan (-4.1%) remains the #3 SUV in the world and gains one spot on last year to climb to #6, overtaking the Nissan X-Trail (-13.3%) which is starting to feel its age and goes from #1 global SUV in 2018 to #4 this year. This also means there are 4 SUVs among the 7 best-selling vehicles in the world in 2019, a new record. You can also consult our quick test drives for the Honda CR-VVW Tiguan and Nissan X-Trail.

The Ram Pickup is the biggest gainer in the Top 10: +17.6%.

Although the RAV4 has managed a stunning progression this year, it is not the biggest gainer in the Top 10: this title goes to the Ram Pickup (+17.6%) shifting from #15 in 2018 directly to #8 worldwide this year, thanks to the success of its new generation. North America accounts for 98.8% of Ram Pickup’s worldwide sales. Check out our 2014 US Coast to Coast adventure with a Ram 1500 here and our 2015 US North to South voyage in a Ram 2500 here. The Nissan Sylphy (-8.6%) and VW Polo (-14.1%) complete the Top 10, while further down the Top 20, the most spectacular progression is delivered by the Chevrolet Onix (+41.2%) eclipsing the half-million mark thanks to Brazil which represents two-thirds of its global volume. Notice the VW Golf (-12.4%), comfortable leader in Europe, dropping out of the global Top 10, the Toyota Hilux (3.5%), #1 in 36 countries this year, stuck at a lukewarm #20, the VW T-Roc (+73.6%) breaking into the Top 50, and the Mercedes A-Class (+68.7%) and BMW X3 (+55.9%) also very strong.

The VW T-Cross is by far the most successful launch of 2019.

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the success stories of 2019, almost exactly doubling its 2018 score to cross the 300.000 annual unit-mark at #62 overall, with 62% of its 2019 volume coming from North America and 32% from Europe. The Hyundai Kona (+36.9%) and Nissan Kicks (+46.7%) also shine in the Top 100. For the first time since 2013 (Renault Captur), the most successful nameplate launch in 2019 isn’t a Chinese model. After the Baojun 730 in 2014, the Wuling Hongguang V in 2015, the Chery Arrizo 5 in 2016, the Baojun 510 in 2017 and the Baojun 530 in 2018, this time it’s the VW T-Cross that crosses its very first finish line in pole position, landing directly at #126. 54% of its 187.000 units come from Europe but the T-Cross has also started very solidly in Latin America, China and Africa. In fact there are no Chinese nameplates among the Top 5 biggest launches of the year for the first time in a decade: the 2nd most popular is the Chevrolet Monza (#258) -admittedly exclusive to China – ahead of the Hyundai Venue (#282), Kia Seltos (#300) – which led the brand’s record-breaking launch in India – and the Kia Telluride (#356) thanks to a surprisingly dynamic landing in North America.

See which vehicles were the big winners and which models tanked in sales.


Lists of the bestselling vehicles in America are starting to look somewhat familiar: pickup trucks always occupy the top spots, while compact crossovers have now firmly supplanted family sedans in the top 10. But it’s still interesting to follow the rankings throughout the year to see how things shake out. We’ve tallied sales from every automaker in the U.S. market through 2019 to bring you a list of the top 25 vehicles on the market.Ford Fusion (166,045 units sold)


Of all of Ford’s recently canceled passenger-car models, the Fusion mid-size sedan will stick around the longest. Production won’t end until 2021, and its sales haven’t fallen off a cliff quite yet, dropping just 4 percent compared with 2018.Ford Explorer (168,309 units sold)


The new 2020 Ford Explorer that made waves when it debuted earlier in 2019 went on sale in the summer. Ford reportedly struggled with the rollout of this new generation, facing production issues early on, which likely explains the 26 percent drop compared to 2018. The Toyota Highlander has now surpassed the Explorer to become the bestselling three-row SUV in the land in 2019.


Fresh off a redesign for 2019, the Forester is enjoyed strong in 2019, with its total representing a 5 percent increase over 2018.Hyundai Elantra (175,094 units sold)


The Elantra compact car was down compared to 2018, but it’s still firmly on the top 25 best-sellers list. A refresh for the 2019 model year likely helped sales, and a new CVT automatic that improves fuel economy has come on board for 2020.Subaru Outback (181,178 units sold)


The Outback’s sales were up 1.3 percent in 2019, cementing its place as the bestselling Subaru. A new 2020 model (pictured), based on the recently redesigned Legacy sedan, went on sale in the second half of the year.


The Sentra hasn’t been a competitive compact car for a while, and it recently received a much-needed redesign to up its game in style, features, and powertrains. But Nissan is still selling a lot of the old model, even if the word on the street is that fleet sales make up a large portion of its numbers. Sales in 2019 were down 13 percent, so we’ll have to wait and see if the new model, which goes on sale early this year, can fix that.Jeep Cherokee (191,397 units sold)


The Cherokee is hardly a standout in the Jeep lineup—it’s neither the most off-road capable nor the most luxurious, but it occupies a popular middle ground. Its numbers in 2019 were down 20 percent compared to 2018.Nissan Altima (209,183 units sold)


Nissan’s mid-size sedan used to do battle with the Accord and Camry in the sales race, but it’s fallen down the rankings lately and it sold only a couple dozen more units in 2019 compared with 2018. That’s despite a new model that’s vastly improved in design and driving dynamics—it even outcornered the new BMW 3-series in our testing.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWJeep Wrangler (228,032 units sold)


The new Wrangler, code-named JL, exploded onto the scene in 2018 year and was briefly sold alongside its predecessor, the JK, which probably explains why the new model’s numbers were down 5 percent in 2019.GMC Sierra (232,323 units sold)


The Sierra lineup is in the midst of an overhaul, with both the light-duty 1500 and the heavy-duty models having undergone redesigns recently. Sales of the light-duty were up 8 percent in 2019, faring better than its Chevrolet Silverado stablemate, which experienced a drop in sales in 2019 (it appears later on this list).Toyota Highlander (239,438 units sold)


The current Highlander three-row SUV has been selling well throughout its life cycle, although was down 2 percent in 2019. We might almost say that Toyota barely needs to introduce the redesigned 2020 model revealed earlier this year, but the three-row SUV market is contentious, and the Highlander needs some updating to stay fresh


The Escape lost some steam in 2019, with sales down 11 percent. We’ll see if the redesigned 2020 Escape (pictured) that went on sale later in 2019 can reverse that trend.Jeep Grand Cherokee (242,969 units sold)


Has the Grand Cherokee been around long enough to achieve icon status yet? As one of the first true popular sport-utility vehicles in the 1990s, it still ranks among the biggest sellers today, and in 2019 it was the bestselling Jeep, with sales rising 8 percent compared to 2018.Toyota Tacoma (248,801 units sold)


Among an increasingly crowded segment of mid-size pickup trucks, the Tacoma still stands tall, with sales up 1 percent in 2019. It’s the bestselling non-domestic pickup in the country, although the new Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are looking to steal some customers away.


The Honda Accord had a disappointing year in 2018, sales-wise, given that it was coming off a big, successful redesign. Things weren’t much better in 2019, as Accord sales dropped by 8 percent last year.Toyota Corolla (304,850 units sold)


The newest Toyota Corolla is attempting to shed the nameplate’s boring image with more daring styling and improved dynamics. Both the redesigned hatchback and sedan models enjoyed a slight increase in sales n 2019, with numbers that up 0.4 percent over 2018.Honda Civic (325,650 units sold)


Honda’s mid-size Accord used to outsell its compact Civic, but the Civic has been pulling ahead lately—and widening the gap. Perhaps it’s because the Civic offers several body styles and high-performance models, although Honda doesn’t break out sales numbers for the different sedan, coupe, hatchback, Si, and Type R versions. Civic sales were nearly identical in 2019 compared to 2018.


Toyota’s perennially strong-selling mid-size sedan continues to hold on to its crown as the bestselling passenger car in the United States, if only just. Its numbers were down in 2019 year, however, by 2 percent.Chevrolet Equinox (346,048 units sold)


Chevy’s compact crossover enjoyed a strong year in 2019, with sales up 4 percent. Chevy is still not keeping up in the compact-crossover sales race with rivals such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, but it’s closer than it was before.Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport (350,447 units sold)


The fact that the Rogue is this high on this list for 2019 despite sales dropping 15 percent goes to show how well this crossover family sold in 2018. But it’s also important to remember that the Rogue nameplate includes both the compact Rogue and the smaller, subcompact Rogue Sport; Nissan does not split out sales for these separate models.


The CR-V is the bestselling Honda in 2019 by a fair margin, but it couldn’t win the crossover sales race despite its numbers being up 1 percent compared with 2018.Toyota RAV4 (448,071 units sold)


In 2018, the RAV4 claimed the title of the bestselling non-truck in the country, the newly redesigned fifth-generation RAV did the same in 2019. Its sales were up 5 percent over 2018, and it pulled ahead of the second-place CR-V by a wide margin.Chevrolet Silverado (575,600 units sold)


The Silverado has long occupied the number-two spot in the U.S. sales rankings, but things weren’t so good for Chevy’s light- and heavy-duty pickups in 2019. Sales of the light-duty model have dropped by 1 percent, while the heavy-duty truck was down 8 percent. This allowed a surging Ram pickup range to surpass it.


Ram’s sensational new 1500 pickup earned a 10Best award for 2020, and it seems that consumers are pleased with the new truck, too. The entire Ram pickup range, which also includes newly redesigned heavy-duty trucks, jumped a whopping 18 percent last year, helping it blow past the Chevy Silverado to earn the silver medal in 2019.Ford F-Series (896,526 units sold)


It’s not surprising that Ford’s pickup trucks find themselves in the top spot once again, although increased competition from Ram, Chevrolet, and GMC probably explains the F-series’ slight decline compared with 2018. Each of these competitors has redesigned both their light-duty and heavy-duty offerings, while Ford’s truck lineup hasn’t changed that significantly in a while.

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