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The sales figures earlier in the year suggested Ford might have to fight to remain the best-selling vehicle in America, but it cruised through the rest of the year with strong enough sales to keep the top spot. However, like other automakers, Ford saw sales for the F-Series dip 7.8 percent. 

Jan 07, 2022 at 5:38pm ET0By: Anthony Alaniz

Automakers likely had hoped that the troubles of 2020 were behind them, but then came the chip shortage to decimate new car production. However, while many automakers struggled with fussy supply chains throughout the year, the end of it wasn’t all bad news for manufactures.

Here’s a look at 2021’s best-selling cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

20. Subaru Outback:

154,623 Units (Up 0.9 Percent)

The Subaru Outback skated through the year without much change from 2020, increasing new sales by 0.9 percent. Subaru’s reputation makes it a popular crossover choice. 

19. Subaru Forester:

154,723 Units (Down 12.6 percent)

The Subaru Forester outsold its stablemate, but its sales suffered in 2021. The second of many crossovers on this list saw sales fall 12.6 percent from 176,996 in 2020. 

18.Chevrolet Equinox:

165,323 Units (Down 39.0 percent)

The Chevy Equinox had a strong sales year compared to its competitors, but the Chevy saw sales drastically drop in 2021. Sales fell from 270,994 in 2020 to 165,323 in 2021 – a 39 percent drop. 

17. Mazda CX-5:

168,383 Units (Up 15.0 Percent)

Mazda made the list of best-selling cars in 2020 with the CX-5 crossover, which competes in a crowded segment. However, the CX-5 increased sales by 15 percent over 2020. 

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16. Honda Accord:

202,676 Units (Up 1.6 Percent)

Sedans might not sell as well as they used to, but there are dedicated car-buying customers out there, and they were able to help Honda increase Accord sales by 1.6 percent. 

15. Jeep Wrangler:

204,610 Units (Up 2.0 Percent)

SUVs remain popular, and that includes enthusiast choices like the Wrangler, which must not feel too threatened by the new Ford Bronco. Sales for the venerable off-roader increased in 2021 by 2 percent. 

14. Ford Explorer:

219,871 Units (Down 2.8 Percent)

The Ford Explorer remains a best-selling model into 2021 even if it saw its sales dip. The SUV fell 2.8 percent from 2020. 

13 GMC Sierra:

248,924 Units (Down 1.6 Percent)

Trucks remain as popular as ever, though the GMC Sierra did see sales slip. The luxed-up truck sold nearly 250,000 units but was down 1.6 percent for the year. 

12. Toyota Corolla:

248,993 Units (Up 5.0 Percent)

The Toyota Corolla is a perennial best-seller, which didn’t change for 2021. As a matter of fact, the affordable model saw sales increase by 5 percent the last ear. 

11 Toyota Tacoma:

252,520 Units (Up 5.7 Percent) 

Toyota’s most popular truck saw its sales increase in 2021, jumping by 5.7 percent over 2020. It crushed the Tundra in sales. 

10. Honda Civic:

264,787 Units (Up 1.0 Percent)

The Honda Civic was another car that saw its sales increase slightly. Civic sales remained virtually unchanged in 2021, raising just 1.0 percent for the year. 

9. Toyota Highlander:

264,128 Units (Up 24.4 percent)

Sales for the recently redesigned Toyota Highlander saw a massive 24.4 percent jump last year. The increase allowed the Toyota to overtake the Explorer in sales. 

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee:

264,444 Units (up 26 Percent)

Jeep jumped into 2021’s top 10 by selling a lot of Grand Cherokees. Sales exploded for the SUV, blowing 2020’s 209,786 sold out of the water. 

7 Nissan Rogue:

285,602 Units (Up 25.3 percent)

The Nissan Rogue, which saw a huge redesign for the 2021 model year, was another crossover that saw sales jump in 2021. The new model had several improvements inside and out to keep it in the top 10. 

6. Toyota Camry:

313,795 Units (up 6.6 percent)

2021 saw Toyota take Camry sales back above the 300,000 mark, with sales increasing 6.6 percent for the sedan. It’s the only other car in the top 10 next to the Honda Civic. 

5. Honda CR-V:

361,271 Units (Up 8.3 Percent)

Customers might have abandoned cars, but they haven’t abandoned affordability with the Honda CR-V and the fourth-best-selling model of the year. The CR-V crossover remains as popular as ever, combining practicality and affordability into one. Sale rose 8.3 percent despite everything. 

4. Toyota RAV4:

407,739 Units (Down 5.3 Percent)

The Toyota RAV4 remains the best-selling non-truck model in America. However, 2021 did see sales slip a bit, down 5.3 percent from the year prior. 

3. Chevrolet Silverado:

529,765 Units (Down 10.8 Percent)

Chevy suffered a massive hit in sales in 2021, which saw Toyota overtake it as America’s best-selling brand. Silverado sales fell 10.8 percent in 2020. 

2.Ram Trucks:

569,388 Units (Up 1.0 Percent)

Ram trucks outsold the Chevrolet Silverado in 2021, seeing sales increase by just 1 percent. However, it was enough to put Chevy in the rearview mirror. 

1. Ford F-Series:

726,004 (Down 7.8 Percent) 

The sales figures earlier in the year suggested Ford might have to fight to remain the best-selling vehicle in America, but it cruised through the rest of the year with strong enough sales to keep the top spot. However, like other automakers, Ford saw sales for the F-Series dip 7.8 percent. 

ModelYTD 2021 SalesYTD 2020 Sales% Change
20. Subaru Outback154,623153,294+ 0.9%
19. Subaru Forester154,723176,996– 12.6%
18. Chevrolet Equinox165,323270,994– 39.0%
17. Mazda CX-5168,383146,421+ 15%
16. Honda Accord202,676199,458+ 1.6%
15. Jeep Wrangler204,610201,311+ 2.0%
14. Ford Explorer219,871226,217– 2.8%
13. GMC Sierra248,924253,016– 1.6%
12.Toyota Corolla248,993237,178+ 5.0%
11. Toyota Tacoma252,520238,806+ 5.7%
10. Honda Civic263,787261,225 + 1.0%
9. Toyota Highlander264,128212,276+ 24.4%
8. Jeep Grand Cherokee264,444209,786+ 26.0%
7. Nissan Rogue286,602227,935+ 25.3%
6. Toyota Camry313,795294,348+ 6.6%
5. Honda CR-V361,271333,504+ 8.3%
4. Toyota RAV4407,739430,387– 5.3%
3. Chevy Silverado529,765594,094– 10.8%
2. Ram Trucks569,388563,676+ 1.0%
1. Ford F-Series726,004787,422– 7.8%

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