Best Small Cars with Big Boot Space

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The Honda Civic may no longer be a hatch but that does not mean it’s lost its ability to accommodate large objects. Honda’s 10 car has a boot capacity of 478 liters with the rear seats in place and there is also plenty of space for smaller items in the centre console cubby hole and door bins.

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Best Small Cars With Big Boot Space

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There are a lot of smaller cars on sale with plenty of boot space for a large shopping trip or even a weekend away with your partner – if you have kids, you might be able to bring them along too. Of course, there is a lot more to consider in a practical small car aside from just the size of the boot – you also need to look at the shape of the boot, whether the rear seats fold to give a flat loading boot and the load lip height, as these can make it more difficult to access.

Looking for a small car that’s better suited to city driving and tighter parking spaces? You’d be forgiven for thinking you might have to compromise on boot space. In fact, there are a lot of smaller cars on sale with plenty of boot space for a large shopping trip or even a weekend away with your partner – if you have kids, you might be able to bring them along too.

Small car size doesn’t mean you need to compromise on boot space – there are plenty of models that are ideally suited to city driving, yet still have a generous load capacity.

We’ve taken a look at the best small cars on sale in 2019, selecting the models that not only have a big boot but also plenty of other practical touches. Our list includes everything from fuel-sippers that would make a great first car to a pair of dual-cab utes with utilities that one up many 4x4s.

Below are Parkers top small cars with the best boot space.

Best Small Cars with Big Boot Space

Small cars that pack a big boot, available with great lease deals.Find out which of our Best Buys you can drive away in for less than £15,000 as we reveal the best cheap small cars you can buy today.

A small car with a big boot space is surprisingly hard to come by, but there are plenty out there if you look around. We pick the best.

Many smaller cars have a large boot, but there are always some exceptions to the rule.

With such a multitude of options for small cars, it is important to remember that one man’s treasure can be another man’s trash. The best small cars on the market can offer much more space than you may expect and are capable of being a viable alternative to large vehicles when it comes to family use.

It might be small, but the Kia Picanto city car isn’t lacking in boot space. Indeed, its 255-litre boot is large enough to rival some larger superminis, so you don’t have to hold back when you’re in town getting some retail therapy. It’s certainly large enough for two big shopping bags or a chunky suitcase.

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