Best Small Cars With Big Boot

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The Best Small Cars With Big Boots

We’ve chosen a selection of practical small cars with big boots, to help you decide which small car would suit your lifestyle. We’ve listed both the new and used price ranges for each car. 

1. Skoda Fabia

Skoda’s third generation Fabia impressed us by combining sharp looks with an incredibly spacious five-door body. It might lack the cuteness of some small hatches but you can enliven its appearance with a contrasting colour for the roof, mirror caps and wheels.

It tops our chart thanks to 330 litres of boot space with the rear seats in place, which can extend to an impressive 1,150 litres when they’re folded over.

There’s a range of efficient petrol and diesel engines across the Fabia range but for us the sweet spot is the 89bhp turbocharged 1.2 TSI, with a claimed average fuel consumption of 60mpg to keep running costs low. Choosing SE specification over the entry-level S bags you emergency city braking, air-con, an upgraded sound system with MirrorLink syncing for Android phones and 15-inch alloy wheels.

New price: £12,260 – £18,835
Lease this car from new
Used price: £4,385 – £14,625
Typical used monthly cost: £108 – £361
Pick of the range: Fabia 1.2 TSI 90PS SE
Fuel economy: 58 – 78 mpg
Boot space: 330 litres seats up, 1,150 litres seats folded

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2. Dacia Sandero

Not only is the Dacia Sandero one of the roomiest small cars you can buy, it’s also the cheapest, but be aware that the bargain price means a no-frills package. That’s why we’d opt for the mid-spec Ambiance model paired with the tiny turbocharged 0.9-litre petrol engine, offering a claimed 56mpg.

Ambiance trim is hardly generous but it does ensure you’ve got electric front windows (air-con only comes with the range-topping Laureate trim), a CD player with Bluetooth connectivity and USB socket, remote central locking and trims for the otherwise bare steel wheels.

There are numerous cubbies dotted about the interior but the Sandero’s trump card, aside from its price, is the space on offer. Seats up the boot’s just 10 litres shy of the Fabia but when they’re folded the 1,200 litres of capacity available is the most of any small hatchback.

New price: £6,995 – £11,400
Lease this car from new
Used price: £2,005 – £8,790
Typical used monthly cost: £49 – £217
Pick of the range: Sandero 0.9 TCe 90 Ambiance
Fuel economy: 48 – 80 mpg
Boot space: 320 litres seats up, 1,200 litres seats folded

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3. Renault Clio

Not giving much away to the Skoda and cheaper Dacia, the Renault Clio’s spacious five-door body still has a generous 300 litres of boot volume available with all the seats in place.

The swoopy Clio’s styling is also in contrast to the straight-laced looks of the Fabia and Sandero too, offering a genuine dash of French flair, as well as being flexible and practical, with a number of sensibly shaped cubbies around the cabin.

We’d choose the 0.9-litre turbo petrol engine – it’s an updated version of the Renault engine in the Dacia – offering up to a claimed 62mpg in this Clio.

Dynamique MediaNav is our specification of choice in the Clio range offering a seven-inch touchscreen with sat-nav, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connection, 16-inch alloy wheels and automatic lights and wipers.

New price: £13,620 – £19,170
Lease this car from new
Used price: £3,435 – £18,260
Typical used monthly cost: £85 – £450
Pick of the range: Clio 0.9 Energy TCe 90 Dynamique MediaNav
Fuel economy: 47 – 88 mpg
Boot space: 300 litres seats up, 1,146 litres seats folded

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4. Hyundai i20 (15 on)

The latest Hyundai i20 offers not only much more interior space than the model it replaces, but also popular rivals like the Fiesta, Corsa and Polo.

While its seats-up boot space is the lowest of our list at some 35 litres less than the Fabia, the Hyundai’s rear seats do fold flat allowing you to maximise the cargo space available. Door bins in the front will hold 1.5-litre bottles, while those in the rear can take bottles of up to a litre in capacity.

We’ve opted for the naturally-aspirated 1.4-litre petrol engine here, offering a claimed 51mpg and paired it with SE trim which sits roughly in the middle of the i20 line-up. As part of the SE package you’ll benefit from 16-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, Bluetooth connectivity, 1GB of music storage, cruise control and a lane departure warning system.

New price: £14,000 – £18,650
Lease this car from new
Used price: £4,605 – £14,270
Typical used monthly cost: £114 – £352
Pick of the range: i20 1.4 SE
Fuel economy: 44 – 88 mpg
Boot space: 295 litres seats up, 1,060 litres seats folded

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5. Citroen C3 (2010-2016)

Although it’s the oldest car in this list (and there is a newer version now on sale), the Citroen C3 (2010-2016) gives little away in terms of spaciousness, offering virtually the same amount of boot space as the Clio, seats up or down.

While it’s spacious and has a number of slots and cubbies and seat-back pockets dotted about the interior to hide bits and bobs in, the door bins have very shallow sides limiting their practicality.

We’ve chosen VTR+ trim as the one to go for. While it comes with niceties such as chrome exterior touches, 15-inch alloy wheels, cruise control and air-con, the C3’s signature ‘Zenith’ windscreen, which stretches back over the front occupants’ heads, is optional.

Whether you’ve got a growing family or a hobby that requires lots of kit, a car with a big boot can make life that bit easier. Finding out which cars have an especially large boot isn’t easy but we’re here to help. Here are our top  10 used cars with big boots, from inexpensive hatchbacks to luxury SUVs.

Medium Cars with Flat Loading Boot

1. Volvo XC90

Boot space: 356 litres

If you need a car that can provide luxury travel for seven people – as well as a big boot – along with the added security of four-wheel drive, then the Volvo XC90 might be right for you.

Even with all seven seats in place, it will still swallow 356 litres of luggage – that’s larger than the boot in most small hatchbacks. Fold the third-row seats down and the 775-litre boot space is more than you get with any large estate car. With all five back seats folded 1,856 litres of space becomes available, which will make any big Ikea purchases a doddle to load.

Plug-in hybrid versions do have a bit less boot space to make way for the electric motor’s batteries, but otherwise the XC90’s cargo-carrying credentials are beyond reproach.

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2. Renault Clio

Boot space: 391 litres

For such a small car, it’s incredible how Renault has managed to make so much boot space available inside the latest Clio, which went on sale in 2019. And that big boot doesn’t come at the expense of space for passengers. There’s plenty of room for adults in the front and back seats, yet the boot capacity is a whopping 391 litres. 

For context, that’s more space than you’ll find in the latest Volkswagen Golf, which is a much larger car on the outside. The rear seats fold down, allowing you to expand the Clio’s capacity to an impressive 1,069 litres. 

Although most Clios are petrol-powered, diesel versions are available and these lose some of that boot space to an AdBlue tank – necessary to help with diesel emissions – stored under the floor.

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3. Kia Picanto

Boot space: 255 litres

Small cars rely very much on the ingenuity of their designers to squeeze the maximum amount of interior space from the smallest possible on-road footprint. And the Picanto does this with aplomb. You can fit four adults inside (although it’s better if you reserve the rear seats for shorter trips or shorter people) and still have space in the boot for the weekly shop.

You’ll get more room in the boot of a Kia Picanto than you would in small city car rivals such as the Toyota Aygo or Skoda Citigo, and the Picanto’s 255 litres isn’t much less than you’d get in bigger cars like the Ford Fiesta. 

Fold the rear seats down, and the boot capacity grows to more than 1,000 litres, which is quite a feat for something so small.

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4. Jaguar XF

Boot space: 540 litres

Saloon cars might not be as versatile as SUVs or MPVs but in terms of outright boot space, they punch well above their weight. The Jaguar XF is a fine example. Its sleek bodywork hides a boot that can swallow up to 540 litres of luggage, which is more than you get in the Audi A6 Avant and BMW 5 Series. In fact, it’s only 10 litres less than the boot of an Audi Q5 SUV. 

You can fold the rear seats down, too, if you need to carry longer items like skis or a flatpack wardrobe.

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5. Skoda Kodiaq

Boot space: 270 litres

If low running costs are important but you need a seven-seat SUV with as much luggage space as possible then the Skoda Kodiaq will tick a lot of boxes.

Talking of boxes, you’ll be able to fit a lot of them inside the Kodiaq. Fold the second and third-row seats flat and you get a load capacity of 2,065 litres. With all seven seats in place, you still get 270 litres of boot space, which is as much as you’ll find in a small hatchback like a Ford Fiesta.

Fold seats six and seven flat to make a five-seater and you’ll have 720 litres of luggage space. That’s roughly double what you get in a Volkswagen Golf; enough for six large suitcases or a pair of very large dogs.

6. Hyundai i30

Boot space: 395 litres

The Hyundai i30 gives you the excellent value, wealth of standard features and long warranty that you expect of the brand. It also gives you a bigger boot than most other mid-size hatchbacks. 

With 395 litres of space, its boot is bigger than that in a Vauxhall AstraFord Focus or Volkswagen Golf. Fold the seats flat and you have 1,301 litres of space.

The compromise here is that some similar-size cars will give you a little more rear legroom than you get in the i30, but back-seat passengers will still find the i30 a perfectly comfortable place to be.

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7. Skoda Superb

Boot space: 625 litres

There’s no way you can talk about big boots without mentioning the Skoda Superb. For a car that takes up no more road space than any other large family car, it’s got a boot of mammoth proportions, offering up 625 litres of room for your family’s gear. 

To put that into perspective, enthusiastic golfers could squeeze around 9,800 golf balls into the space under the parcel shelf. Fold the seats down and fill things to the roof and you’re talking 1,760 litres of luggage space. 

If that’s not big enough, there’s an estate version that has a boot capacity of 660 litres with the load cover in place and 1,950 litres when the back seats are folded.

Combine all that with a wide range of fuel-efficient engines and good value for money, and the Skoda Superb makes a compelling case.

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8. Peugeot 308 SW

Boot space: 660 litres

Any Peugeot 308 offers an impressive amount of boot space, but the estate version – the 308 SW – really excels here. 

To make the SW’s boot as big as possible compared with the 308 hatchback’s, Peugeot extended the distance between the car’s front and rear wheels by 11cm and then added another 22cm behind the rear wheel. The result is a gargantuan boot that arguably offers more space per pound than anything else.

At 660 litres, you could carry enough water to fill four bathtubs – in other words easily enough for a week’s holiday luggage for a family of four. If you fold down the seats and load things to the roof, there’s 1,775 litres of space in there, all of which is easily accessed thanks to a wide boot opening and no load lip.

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9. Citroen Berlingo

Boot space: 1,050 litres

Available in standard ‘M’ or enormous ‘XL’ versions, with five or seven seats, the Berlingo puts functional practicality ahead of luxury or driving fun. 

When it comes to luggage capacity, the Berlingo can’t be beaten. The small model can take 775 litres behind the seats, while the XL offers 1,050 litres of luggage space. If you remove or fold every seat in the XL, that rises to 4,000 litres. That’s more space than you’ll find in a Ford Transit Courier van.

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10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Boot space: 640 litres

Few cars are as comfortable to travel in as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but the estate version adds enormous luggage capacity to its list of virtues. In fact, it can deliver 640 litres of space, which rises to 1,820 litres when you drop the rear seats flat. 

You can also choose from a wide range of engines, including petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid options. Be aware, though, that the large battery required for the hybrid models reduces the boot space by 200 litres.

Go for a non-hybrid version and you’ll be driving around in an upmarket luxury car with more luggage space than anything other than all but the biggest SUVs and even more than some commercial vans.

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These are our favourite used cars with big boots. You’ll find these among the range of high-quality used cars to choose from at Cazoo. Use the search function to find one you love, buy it online, and have it delivered to your door or choose to collect it from your nearest Cazoo Customer Centre.

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