Best suv sound system 2021

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We have compiled the best options for used cars with good sound systems below. Whether you’re looking for a small vehicle with a great sound system or a full-sized SUV that’s ready for the road, we’ve got a great selection to choose from. Several of these vehicles offer unique features like smartphone pairing, USB/iPod inputs, tune mixing, and much more.

Best suv sound system 2021

1. Audi A4 Vorsprung

The Audi A4 is a beautiful saloon which impressed that much when it was first launched in 2016 that it won the coveted What Car? Car of the Year award.

Since then, the car has had some seriously impressive updates. This includes a better infotainment system and improved engines.

However, it’s not the media setup or power that we’re appreciating it for here. On top-spec Vorsprung models the A4 comes with a fantastic B&O sound system that has 19 speakers delivering a combined power output of 755 watts. That’s plenty of punch to allow you to ‘let the Led out’ in true rock n roll fashion.

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2. Toyota Aygo JBL Edition

Not every car that has a great sound system comes with a premium price tag. So, in steps the dinky but funky Toyota Aygo JBL Edition.

Toyota has equipped the Aygo with the most powerful and sophisticated speakers that this model has yet seen. In total, the JBL system produces a beefy 600 watts which hopefully won’t make you, ahem, ‘Mega-deaf’.

Making the Aygo JBL Edition even better is the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity as standard. With this readied in the car, you’ll be able to turn your little city car into a rock concert at the press of a button.

If the brilliant sound from this system alone wasn’t enough, you’ll be turning heads with the look of this car alone. Let’s just say there’s no mistaking the Aygo, mostly thanks to its fluorescent ‘Mandarin Pop’ orange roof and premium Electro Grey paint finish.

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3. Volvo XC40

Volvo has two colaborations with Harman/Kardon and Bowers & Wilkins that has led to many vehicles in its range getting these fantastic sound systems onboard.

The XC40, which is one of the brand’s best-selling models, is available with a Harman/Kardon system. It’s made up of 13 speakers and has a punchy 600W output, plus a 7.1-channel surround sound.

If those numbers don’t impress you and you’re after decibels higher than that produced by Deep Purple, then you’re in luck. The Bowers & Wilkins is also available on certain XC40 models (dubbed ‘Sensus connect’), delivering an even more power through an 18-speaker set-up creating 1,400 watts.

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4. Range Rover Evoque

Meridian and Land Rover have Britishness in common, plus they’re both award winners in their respective fields of sound and creating great off-road, stylish SUVs.

You’ll have to opt for a top-spec model such as the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography in order to benefit from the awesome sound from this system. However, it’s well worth it when you factor in the fact that it comes with 14 speakers and a 650-watt subwoofer.

That’s enough power to blow the roof off (unless you opt for the convertible model). In which case you can crank the volume up without worrying too much about the top of your car going missing.

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5. BMW 5 Series

B&W meets BMW. Now, we’re not sure whether the tie-up between these two is down to the very similar sounding names. But we are sure the organisers of Download festival would probably pick the Bowers & Wilkins system out of all the ones listed if catastrophe struck and emergency backup amplification was needed in the form of a car.

Everything about the Bowers & Wilkins system is as close as you’ll get to an immersive music experience besides being at a live gig. That’s because it comes with 16 speakers and 10 channels that sends out a huge 1,400 watts – the same one as found in the XC40.

Should the B&W system be a bit too much, you can specify the Harman Kardon audio set-up which is cheaper but still packs a punch.

Affordable Cars With Best Sound Systems 2021

Acura – Krell

It’s possible to pay a five-figure sum for a Krell home audio setup, so obtaining one for four figures in the 2017 Acura RLX flagship sedan seems like a good deal, especially when it’s part of an options package that includes lots of other car-related goodies. This 14-speaker system is said to have 30 percent less distortion than the competition. Distortion can be odd and not always obvious. But when it’s virtually absent, we perceive everything as being clearer, where we can hear the sound of a bow against a cello string along with the resonance of the string itself. If you play a familiar recording on a Krell system, chances are you’ll hear a detail you never knew was there before.

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Photo Credit: Audi

Audi – Bang & Olufsen

We’ve loved Bang & Olufsen systems in Audi cars, particularly when those motorized tweeters rise out of a dashboard. The 2017 Q7, however, goes up to that metaphorical 11 with a 23-speaker/1,920-watt B&O 3D Advanced Sound System. With this kind of wattage and this number of speakers, it could be like sitting right next to Metallica’s drummer — where every thump of the bass drum and every crash of a cymbal is felt as well as heard. B&O uses Acoustic Lens technology for these speakers, which manipulates sound so it can be dispersed in particular patterns. As a result, listeners can be seated anywhere in the vehicle and still perceive a true audio “image.”

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Photo Credit: Bentley

Bentley – Naim

It’s especially fitting that Bentley would feature Naim equipment since this highly respected and award-winning British audio company was started by a racing driver. Some Bentley cars, like the Mulsanne, can reach close to 200 mph, and at that speed, there’s going to be wind noise, exhaust blare and road roar — however hushed the cabin may be. Naim has developed a system with 2,200 watts, 20 speakers and digital sound processing (DSP) that takes advantage of knowing where the listeners’ ears are going to be. Since this is a car where the VIP might well sit in the back, there’s a mode that favors the rear with the full effect of Naim’s imperious fidelity.

Photo Credit: BMW

BMW – Harman Kardon

BMW offers some B&O systems and even a fabulous Bowers & Wilkins array in the all-new 2017 5 Series. But let’s give some recognition to the “first-rung” audio upgrade (which is standard on some models like the M3). This brand is part of the larger Harman company that also has Lexicon, Revel and Mark Levinson under its umbrella, so there’s a wealth of expertise from which to draw. It was some Lexicon acoustic engineers who created the Logic 7 surround-sound processing that comes in the M3’s full-sounding 16-speaker/625-watt setup. It’s worth giving this excellent system a good listen because springing for a fancier option might not be necessary.

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Photo Credit: Genesis

Genesis – Lexicon

When Hyundai decided to make the Genesis name a luxury brand in itself, the company also made another smart decision: Keeping the Lexicon sound systems. The Lexicon name is more commonly seen in expensive recording studios around the world and is especially renowned for its lush reverberation effects. Its car audio systems, such as the one in 2017 G90, are up to the task of reproducing what we would hear if we were in one of those studios. String sections are lush and voices sound more angelic than human. The only other car company to fit Lexicon systems is Rolls-Royce. So there’s more chance of hearing one in a Genesis, but it shows how good they are.

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