Cheap Cars with Ambient Lighting

It can be easy to run out of options for anyone trying to buy Cheap Cars with Ambient Lighting, because the best vehicles and their parts are hardly lying around for easy pickings online.

This is Cheap Cars with Ambient Lighting 2021 Guide. In this guide we try to bring to you the best cars with ambient lighting 2021. This guide is important for those who are looking for car with ambient lighting 2020 and want to buy it cheap. To get most out of this guide please read our article about cars with ambient lighting 2020 as well as cars with ambient lighting 2021

Buying online is a very tricky business, especially with cars. In order to have the best results we recommend that you really look into the specific car and its parts in detail before deciding. If you are interested in something like ambient lighting in cars, our website can help you find out more about it and decide if it is right choice for your vehicle.

Car with Ambient Lighting Features: 1: Ambient lighting set 2: Fuse and power cable 3: Car model specific special plug 4: Instruction manual 5: Dual-Zone Color Control 6: Added to the driver’s door panel for easy access, the dial controls the ambient light colors that run along the bottom of the dash and stretch down the center console, under your armrest, down your front doors and all throughout the rear seating area.

Cheap Cars with Ambient Lighting

10. 2022 Honda Civic

Honda has given the Civic a seriously upscale makeover for the 11th generation of its compact car. For just $22,695 in the US ($26,165 CAD), including destination, the latest Civic’s interior looks like it belongs in a car a class up. There’s a level of restraint that screams premium, with a smart mesh strip that hides the vents. Twist the climate control dials and there’s a sweet, satisfying click. The top Touring trim uses a larger 9.0-inch infotainment screen, plus a fully digital instrument panel.

9. 2022 Hyundai Sonata

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With the market’s continued crossover love affair, mid-size sedans have become more luxurious than ever before. Take the latest Hyundai Sonata. Lots of space, a well-designed, clean dashboard, and everything within reach is soft to the touch. Did we mention the heated and ventilated front seats, plus heating for the rear? If it’s all a little too much, the sporty N Line pulls back on all the interior amenities, and gives you the ability to smoke the tires in third gear. Life; it’s all about balance. Not bad for a car that starts at just $25,155 ($29,274 CAD).

8. 2022 Volkswagen Jetta

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Volkswagen is a master of walking the line between mainstream and luxury. The restrained interior of the Jetta is the latest example. All the trim pieces are high quality, tasteful metal accents abound, plus the infotainment and instrument panel are both crisp and bright. There’s a real sense of solidity in the Jetta that some cars costing much more could learn from. All that in a package that starts at just $21,190.

7. 2022 Toyota Camry

Toyota used to make interiors that were about as exciting as reading your dishwasher’s instruction manual. Fast forward to now and things have taken a turn. Despite prices remaining at a very affordable $26,320 ($29,040 CAD), this Camry’s interior has the kind of quality usually found in higher priced vehicles. An intricately curvy dashboard, quality-looking metal trim pieces, and nicely textured leather seats create a confident-looking package. An even further highlight: Red leather seats!

6. 2021 Ford Mustang

The Mustang always had this knack for making retro-looking interiors that aren’t too kitschy. Everything in this interior pays homage to design themes of the past while still embracing a modern feel. It uses finely crafted cabin materials and a liberal use of distinctive metallic trim, which is what sets it apart from others in its segment. Pricing starts a surprisingly reasonable $28,400 US ($33,180 CAD).

Cars with ambient lighting 2020

1. Kia Soul

The Kia Soul’s ambient light system is called the Mood Lighting system.

On select trims, the Mood Lighting System uses a 3D pattern surface on the upper door panels to provide lighting from the center door panels.

The Mood Lighting System works with music, and you can customize it to complement the beat of whatever song you’re playing.

The light surrounding the front speakers and cup holders will pulse and change colors in sync with the music. seconds of 7 secondsVolume 0%

The Mood Lighting System gives you an exciting audiovisual experience. It’s almost like having a disco ball right in your cabin!

The Kia Soul is big on individuality, and the Mood Lighting System allows you to select different modes based on your current mood.

Whether you want fast-paced color changes or calm ambient lighting, the Soul has you covered.

The available modes on the Mood Lighting System include:

  • Yo!
  • Hey!
  • Party Time
  • Traveling
  • Cafe
  • Midnight City
  • Romance

Note: The Mood Lighting System is available for only the premium GT-Turbo models.

2. Kia K900

The K900 is Kia’s flagship luxury sedan and offers many features that make driving more enjoyable.

Part of K900’s luxury features is the Mood Lighting System, Kia’s ambient lighting technology version.

The K900 Mood Lighting System gives users 64 different color options for the in-cabin ambient light.

In particular, we like the nature-inspired color tones developed by Kia in collaboration with the Pantone Institute.

Some of these natural colors include Refreshing Sea, Dreamy Purple, Blue Flight, Aurora Violet, and Golden Insight.

Kia placed the ambient lighting elements in different locations within the cabin to give a more immersive experience.

Ambient lighting locations on the K900 include the overhead console, footwells, and door panels.

3. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the best cars in terms of ambient lighting.

As early as 2005, the Mustang had Ford MyColor, a system that allows users to choose from 125 different colors for their interior lighting.

The MyColor feature was usually included in Mustangs with the optional Interior Upgrade Package.

Ford later added an ambient lighting package to the Mustang, allowing users to choose from seven different colors to illuminate the footwells and cup holders.

Colors drivers can choose from include red, orange, blue, indigo, violet, green, and yellow.

You can use the MyColor system to select any of the colors offered in the ambient lighting package to synchronize your interior lighting.

This will give your cabin a softer touch and make trips more pleasant.

4. Chevrolet Camaro

Being a sporty car for young people, it makes sense that the Chevrolet Camaro features an innovative ambient lighting system.

The system lets you select a color for your Camaro’s interior lighting from a 24-color palette.

The Camaro’s ambient lighting system includes LED lighting strips that illuminate the car doors, console, instrument panel, and cupholders.

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