Fords Max Isofix Points

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Ford S-Max review

Category: MPV

Section: Passenger & boot space


  • Front space
  • Rear space
  • Seat folding and flexibility
  • Boot space

Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space

MPVs are all about space and the S-Max certainly delivers on this front. There’s lots of room for even the longest legs and head room is similarly generous. This is a wide car, so there’s plenty of elbow room for you and your front passenger.

Storage space is similarly impressive. The door bins are wide and deep, and there are two cupholders between the seats, along with a large lidded storage bin that doubles as an armrest. The glovebox is a good size, if a little shallow, and there’s a small cubby in the centre console that’s the perfect size for a mobile phone. The overhead storage console includes a sunglasses holder, plus there’s a handy lidded cubby on top of the dashboard.

Rear space

Six-footers will be comfortable in the middle row of seats, thanks to generous head, knee and elbow room. There’s also enough space to fit a rear-facing child seat behind a tall driver. In fact, it’s easy enough to fit a child seat to any of the middle-row seats, because they all have Isofix mounting points.

The S-Max is less impressive in the third row; leg room is limited unless middle-row occupants slide their seats quite far forward, while the rearmost seats are mounted close to the floor – something that can cause discomfort for adults on long journeys. Even so, rear head room isn’t particularly great, with even average-height adults likely to have the roof close to their heads. However, kids should be happy enough, and access to the third row is good because the middle-row seats tilt and slide forward out of the way.What Car? has a buying serviceFind out more

If you regularly carry seven adults, the Ford Galaxy is a better bet.

Seat folding and flexibility

Handily, the S-Max lets you fold down the five individual rear seats by pressing buttons in the boot. This makes it simple to extend the size of the load area for those occasions when you need to carry lots of stuff.

However, you still need to pull the seats up again manually, and this involves a fair amount of arm strength. The Citroën Grand C4 Spacetourer and Volkswagen Touran have lighter seats that require less manhandling.

The S-Max’s three individual middle-row seats slide back and forth, and the backrests can be reclined if passengers prefer a more laid-back seating position. All models come with height-adjustable front passenger seat with adjustable lumbar support.

Boot space

Even with all seven seats in use, there’s enough space for a couple of bags, as there is in most similarly sized MPVs. If you want more luggage space with a full quota of passengers onboard, you’ll need to look at the larger Galaxy.

With the two rearmost seats stowed in the floor, you get a huge boot that’s long enough to take a pushchair lengthways. If you need even more room, dropping the middle-row seats creates a massive load bay that’ll swallow 2000 litres; the weekend trip to the tip will hold no fears if you drive an S-Max.

Fords Max Isofix Points

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How Many Isofix Points In Ford S Max

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The S-MAX gained a top five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test, which puts it up with the best cars in the class. Standard equipment includes seven airbags (although the rear row occupants are not protected by the side window airbags as they are in the Galaxy), plus the pedals and steering wheel are designed to cause as little damage to the driver as possible in an accident.

A passenger airbag deactivation switch (for use when carrying a child seat) is optional as are Isofix anchors for child seats – two features usually offered as standard by other car makers. In 2010 Ford added curtain airbags to protect the rear-most passengers, three Isofix points for the middle row of seats and an optional Blind Spot Indicator to alert the driver to passing cars not visible in the door mirrors.

Opt for the S-MAX over the Galaxy and you will lose out a little in practicality as it doesn’t have as much room and there are fewer storage areas. It still has 26 cubbies dotted around however, so you’ll never be short of places to store odds and ends – the under seat draws and floor compartments are particularly useful. The seats are clever too – they fold flat onto the floor giving you a huge load area and it’s a simple and straightforward process.

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