Luxury Cars that fit 3 Car Seats

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No need to fret anymore for all of you needs on luxury cars that fit 3 car seats. we have made your search for vehicles and their parts a seamless experience.

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Best luxury SUVs for three child car seats

Fitting three child seats into a car can be a challenge, so we’ve put 16 SUVs and MPVs to the test to find out which ones are most suitable…

Audi Q7

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The Q7 is the roomiest luxury SUV in our test. It has seven seats and Isofix mounts for all five of those in the rear. The second row was wide enough to take all three of our seats, so we could choose between putting all three children there or giving them more space by sitting one or two in the third row. 

The second-row seats fold and slide and even flip over into the footwells to give great access to the third row; we got our two larger seats back there without a struggle. Electric seat adjustment helped, too. 


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Although the X5 isn’t quite as spacious as the Q7, this seven-seat version also has great access to its third row via a button that electrically moves 60% of the second row up and over towards the footwell. Car dealsAudi Q7From £55,851Save up to £6,070 from RRPAudi Q8From £64,803Save up to £6,286 from RRPView all deals

There are only two Isofix mounts in the second row and none in the third, so you’re limited to using seatbelt-secured seats at the back. We couldn’t fit all three child  seats onto the second row, and although the infant carrier can be used in the third row, it was too deep to lie flat enough to fit.

Land Rover Discovery

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One of the most accommodating vehicles for larger families, the Discovery is a seven-seater with Isofix mounts and top tether points on four of the five rear seats. There’s plenty of leg room in both rows and the second row splits 60/40 and slides forwards, giving good access to the rearmost seats. 

Although we could fit all three child seats into the second row, we had to secure the infant carrier with a seatbelt rather than its Isofix base and it was a tight squeeze to reach the seatbelt button. 

Volvo XC90

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The XC90 isn’t the most practical of luxury SUVs for large families, because it doesn’t have Isofix points in the third row. 

Although the outer second-row seats flip and slide forwards, providing good access for children, the centre one doesn’t move, making it difficult to get a child seat into row three. And while you can use the infant carrier in the third row, we found there wasn’t enough leg room to fit another seat in front of it. We did manage to fit all three seats onto second row using the seatbelt to secure the infant carrier, though. 

Cars that fit 3 Car Seats Uk

06th Apr 2021Top 5: Used Cars That Can Fit 3 Child Seats in the BackHere are five cars that can accommodate three child seats

Need a car that can accommodate three child seats in the back?

When transporting children in cars it is important that they are comfortable and safe. Luxury SUVs are more popular than ever in the UK thanks to their ability to transport families, as well as receiving improvements in driving dynamics, fuel economy and styling in the past few years.

In the UK children up to the age of 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first, are legally required to sit in a child seat. Due to this, some larger families require a vehicle with adequate space in the rear for three child seats. However, it can be difficult searching for a luxury car that meets all of your specific requirements as well as fitting three or more child seats in the back as even some of the largest SUVs do not feature ISOFIX points on more than two of their rear seats.

With this in mind, we have created a list of five luxury cars that provide the space for three child car seats in the back and have at least three seats with ISOFIX/i-Size fixing points.

Mercedes-Benz GLS (Third Generation)

The GLS is Mercedes-Benz’s largest and most luxurious SUV, indulging up to seven passengers with a deluxe interior and extravagant entertainment.

If you are looking for a car that can fit three or more child seats in, you will be pleased to know that the elegant interior features i-Size child seat fixing points on the two outer second row seats and the two third row seats. All seats can be adjusted electronically as standard, and the EASY-ENTRY function makes getting in an out of the two individual third row seats simple.

Despite being a 7-seater, the Mercedes-Benz GLS still boasts a large boot that can conveniently fit in your weekly shop, however, if you are wanting to fit in large pushchairs or multiple suitcases you may need to fold down the two rear seats.

Land Rover Discovery (Fifth Generation)

Land Rover’s most versatile SUV yet, the Discovery, is equipped with seven full-size seats. Not only can the Discovery fit three child seats in the back, it actually has ISOFIX mounting points and top tether points on four of the five rear seats. If you would like to install a child seat in the middle of the second row you will need to secure it with the seatbelt as this seat does not include ISOFIX mounting points.

Safety is a key focus of the family SUV and the Discovery achieved the maximum five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

Featuring throughout the vehicle are convenient interior storage solutions for the whole family and the premium SUV boasts an exceptionally large boot.

Entertaining children for a long journey? No problem in the Discovery, thanks to the multiple USB points and optional wireless device charging in the vehicle you can keep all devices charged.

Audi Q7 (Second Generation)

The Audi Q7 is a spacious SUV with seven seats. Travelling with children is effortless, considering all six passenger seats have ISOFIX mounting points.

Plenty of safety features are included as standard, with the Q7 including lane departure warning, camera-based traffic sign recognition, rear view camera as well as front and rear parking sensors. These safety features, combined with the five-star Euro NCAP rating, give you peace of mind when transporting the whole family.

In terms of boot space, the Q7’s loading capacity is comparable to the loading capacity of a van; when all rear seats are folded flat to the floor.

There is also the option of a plug-in hybrid e-tron version or even the luxury, performance SQ7, which is powered by a biturbo V8 engine, delivering 500bhp to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in a remarkable 4.1 seconds.

BMW X7 (First Generation)

If you are searching for a car that can serve the purpose of fitting three child seats in the back, in addition to high levels of luxurious comfort and refinement, the BMW X7 may be just the vehicle for you.

This extravagant 7-seater is know as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). SAVs feature off-road characteristics complemented with practicability, accessibility and a spacious interior.

There are ISOFIX points on the two outer second row seats as well as on both of the third row seats, access to the third-row seats is simple due to the wide rear doors.

Even with the third row of seats in place, there is enough space in the boot for a pushchair or a couple of suitcases. Furthermore, the boot features a split-folding tailgate, which is perfect when loading bulky items such as prams.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class (Fourth Generation)

SUVs not your style? The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) available in three lengths. If you select the Long or Extra Long version, eight seats come as standard. All three versions have four ISOFIX points.

The V-Class combines the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz with the practicality of a people-carrier. You can enjoy the flawlessly designed interior and appreciate the premium quality materials whilst transporting several passengers in comfort. Despite being a vehicle that can seat up to eight occupants, the V-Class still has a spacious boot; perfect for pushchairs or suitcases for a family holiday.

Accessing the rear seats is extremely simple thanks to the button operated, electric sliding doors on each side of the vehicle. It is also worth noting that the doors feature child locks as standard across the range.

Find your perfect family car

These five cars are just a selection of cars that provide the opportunity to securely transport three or more children in child seats.

If you have a smaller family, or do not require three child seats, there are plenty of used cars available for you to browse online or at your nearest Stratstone retailer.

As child seats vary considerably, it is always important to double check that your child seats fit in the car safely before purchasing. The above information should be used only as a guideline to help you find a suitable car.

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