Top 10 Nissan 7 Seater Cars

In the world today through many different channels you can get top 10 nissan 7 seater cars. It is a good idea to shop for price, but not just for price. Quality matters as much as price! You don’t want to be dissapointed with your purchase of top 10 nissan 7 seater cars because when you finally see it up close it is of unsuitable quality and size. Do yourself a favor and find out where you can get high quality top 10 nissan 7 seater cars at reasonable prices both online or offline. We have tips we can give you to choose the best place where to find the vehicle or parts you are looking for at the right price and quality.

If you carry lots of people, or lots of luggage, or both, then a 7-seater vehicle could be for you.

The best 7-seaters are flexible, allowing you to switch between lots of seats or lots of boot space. The biggest manage to do both – comfortably taking six passengers and their stuff.

1. Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 looks classy from the outside, and it cements its advantage when you get inside because it has loads of space and an interior resplendent in Scandinavian chic. There’s loads of superb technology in the XC90 too, with an attractive portrait-orientated touchscreen the portal through which you control the majority of the car functions and settings. Finally, there’s loads of space in the front five seats, but the rear two are a bit cramped for adults.Read our review

2. Audi Q7

It certainly looks large and aggressive to other road users, but in reality, the Audi Q7 is a big softy from behind the wheel. That’s because it has air suspension as standard, as well as large seats, both of which help to make it wonderfully comfortable for seven people. There’s plenty of space for their stuff, too. However, Audi’s infotainment set-up is definitely at least one step behind those you’ll find in a BMW or Mercedes, though.Read our review

3. Land Rover Discovery

Think of the Land Rover Discovery as a four-wheeled multitool, and you’ll be near spot-on because it can do pretty much anything you want it to. IT doesn’t matter an errant sheep has made a break for freedom across the farm, or if you need to travel the length of the M6 for a meeting. It’s quiet, comfortable and has more off-road ability than the average goat. Furthermore, it’s light and easy in town because you have a great view out. And you can do all this with six other passengers. Shame Land Rover has decided that entry models aren’t worthy of sat-nav.Read our review

4. Skoda Kodiaq

If ever there was a car that lives up to the Skoda ‘simply clever’ advertising slogan, then the Kodiaq is that car. It has plenty of space for five adults, and seven-seat versions have space behind for a couple of kids. The Kodiaq isn’t too big, which helps when manoeuvring and parking. If there’s one thing to be aware of it’s that the Kodiaq’s ride quality is on the uncomfortable side of firm, which may make things a bit jiggly for your passengers.Read our review

5. Volkswagen Touran

There’s no denying it, the Volkswagen Touran is a box on wheels. But if you accept that this is the best way of getting people from here to there, then the Touran is an extremely practical seven-seater. The wide-opening doors make getting into any of the seats comparatively easy, and even adults will be comfortable enough in the rearmost pair of seats. The downside? Well, let’s just say driving the Touran isn’t going to fill you with adrenaline anytime soon.Read our review

6. Peugeot 5008

When you think that the Peugeot 5008 used to be a fairly dull MPV, then the latest version looks properly cutting-edge. And while it certainly looks good, the 5008 backs this up with genuine usability. For a start, there are five individual rear seats, so everyone should be reasonably comfortable, although anyone older than 10 who’s consigned to the rear seats will only want to be there for a short time. Every 5008 has loads of standard kit, but the touchscreen system can be slow to use and isn’t terribly logical when you’re trying to operate it on the move.Read our review

7. Mercedes GLB

The square-rigged Mercedes GLB may not be the biggest SUV on the outside, but it still manages to cater for seven people inside. There’s decent space up front, and three six-footers will be fine in the middle row, but anyone consigned to the two seats at the back will need to be of a much smaller stature. Still, the boot’s pretty big when no one’s in the rear seats, and the low load lip makes it easy to get stuff into and out of the load area. The dashboard looks pretty stunning, too, with a  couple of large screens dominating the view, and high-quality trims everywhere else.Read our review

8. Kia Sorento

You can’t really argue with the Kia Sorento because it’s just one of those cars that is capable about almost everything, including looking very classuy indeed. It can carry adults in the rearmost pair of seats, which means it can easily carry seven full-sized people. Better still, it’s easy to get into all seven seats, so the rear passengers needn’t be gymnasts to get in there. Every Sorento has plenty of equipment, but there are only two engines ( a 1.6-litre petrol-electric hybrid and a 2.2 diesel) and every car is four-wheel drive with an automatic gearbox.Read our review

9. BMW X7

The BMW X7 is basically a 7 Series luxury saloon with a penthouse view and a couple of extra seats. Its interior is absolutely stunning, with the sort of quality look and feel that will make every occupant feel decidedly smug about life. The iDrive infotainment system continues to be one of the very best available, and the cockpit display is concise and reasonably clear. However, other manufacturers offer plush seven-seaters for less outlay.Read our review

10. Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

While most other carmakers are ditching MPVs in favour of seven-seat SUVs, Citroen is sticking with a tried and tested boxy recipe. Where the Citroen is concerned, boxy doesn’t equal boring, because the Grand C4 Spacetourer is one of the coolest MPVs around. It has room for seven adults, although the seating system isn’t as easy to use as those in some rivals these days. Still, once the seats are all down, the load space you’re left with is truly vast. If there’s a blot on the Citroen’s copybook, it’s that the infotainment system feels well past its sell-by date.

The best 7-seater cars carry around large families in comfort, and they needn’t break the bank despite their load capacity. We have picked out the best on the market.

by Ben Hodges10 Feb 2022

It wasn’t until the 1980s that large families were offered a car in which seven people could travel together. The true pioneer of the MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) or people-carrier, is often debated, but the Renault Espace is frequently credited as having popularised the breed. While that model is no longer sold in the UK, you can still buy the Ford Galaxy, which is directly inspired by the Espace.

Seven-seaters have evolved to take on a far wider range of forms than before, including seven-seat SUVs. Buyers of large cars are flocking to SUVs, as they offer most of the practicality of a people-carrier with the style and ruggedness of 4x4s. Their growing popularity means you can now get an array of seven-seat cars to suit most budgets, whether you’ve got £22,000 or £102,000 to spend. The latter will buy you a top-spec Tesla Model X, which can manage 0-62mph in less than three seconds, while the former will get you the budget-focused Dacia Jogger MPV, which can seat seven adults for less than £15,000. In addition to accommodating a second and third row of seats, both of these models offer a good compromise between passenger and boot space.

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The expensive Tesla isn’t exactly a mainstream choice, though, so our list of the 10 best seven-seaters concentrates on more attainable MPVs and SUVs. Some feature seven seats from the outset, while others require you to pay extra to take the seat count beyond five. You’ll also find that some come with seven seats at the expense of luggage room, while others have a huge boot located behind the third row.Advertisement – Article continues below

Few large SUVs are quite as spacious for seven as an MPV can be – that complicated four-wheel-drive system (if fitted) and bulky bodywork eat into space that MPVs reserve for passengers, especially in the middle-row seats. Where the option of a sixth and seventh seat is given, they tend to be best suited to children and only have enough room for adults on the odd occasion – although there are exceptions to this rule.

Despite the benefits of the traditional MPV, their numbers are dwindling; various models that were once marketed as MPVs have been reborn as or replaced by seven-seat SUVs. A good example of this is the Peugeot 5008, the latest iteration of which takes the form of a stylish and rugged-looking SUV, abandoning the ‘family van’ look of the previous model.

One thing all seven-seaters share, though, is versatility. More important than the sheer amount of interior space on offer is how cleverly it’s used. Some MPVs and SUVs are full of clever storage compartments and practical features that become indispensable in family life. And, in many cases, these virtues come without sacrificing too much in the way of driving pleasure, or pushing the price too high.Advertisement – Article continues below

Read on for our full run-down of the best seven-seater cars on sale today.

Kia Sorento SUV review

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4.5 out of 5Read Full ReviewWatch Video

The Sorento is Kia’s largest and most practical car, not to mention the winner of the 2021 Carbuyer Car of the Year award. It boasts a very spacious and luxurious interior plus an impressively-sized boot; with the rearmost seats folded, it boasts a 616-litre luggage compartment, increasing to 2,011 with all rear seats folded. A 199bhp 2.2-litre diesel suits the Sorento very well, providing plenty of power to haul the full-size SUV around. For the latest model, it’s also joined by two hybrid options, which will appeal if you’re looking to move away from diesel.

Combine that power with the four-wheel-drive system that’s standard on all models and you have a car that always feels comfortable and safe. While the Sorento isn’t as cheap as it used to be, fit and finish have improved to the point where you could consider the Sorento a less expensive rival to the Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery. Alongside all this, you get plenty of standard equipment, including Bluetooth, air-conditioning, DAB radio and a rear camera, too. You also get four ISOFIX child-seat mounting points across the two rear rows, as well as the maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Skoda Kodiaq SUV review

The Skoda Kodiaq is the company’s largest-ever car and a greatly impressive all-round package. What marks it out is the fantastic combination of style, practicality, fuel economy and value it offers. It’s also good to drive – comfortable when it needs to be, but still engaging when the going gets twisty. Under the bonnet there’s a familiar range of Volkswagen Group petrol and diesel engines that produce all the punch you could want, without breaking the bank when it comes to fuel economy.Advertisement – Article continues below

The Kodiaq only comes with five seats as standard, though: for seven seats, you’ll need to go for SE L trim or pay a £1,000 premium on SE. When fitted, the third seating row isn’t really suited to long journeys or spacious enough for adults, but it’s perfect for the school run and other short journeys. Also – and unlike some seven-seaters – the Kodiaq has a usable amount of boot space with all seven seats in place: about 270 litres. Meanwhile, if you drop all five rear seats, you get a maximum 2,005 litres of load space – enough for pretty much any eventuality.

Volvo XC90 SUV review

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4.4 out of 5Read Full Review

The latest Volvo XC90 had a tough job on its hands when it was launched. The previous version remained on sale for a remarkable 12 years and in that time gained a dedicated following and redefined what large families could expect from a seven-seat car. Fortunately, this XC90 offers exceptional comfort, smarter styling, even greater practicality and a genuinely luxurious interior.

Two adults can sit in the third-row seats in relative comfort and with all seven seats in place, the 302-litre boot impresses. Fold down the third-row seats and you get 680 litres of luggage space. Drop all the seats and you won’t have to hire a van to take a big load to the recycling centre, as it frees up a huge 1,045 litres of space. A host of advanced safety equipment adds further appeal – especially for family buyers. The XC90’s only real drawback, however, is its price; approaching nearly £60,000, it’s out of reach for many. That being said, even entry-level models are well equipped and you won’t need to add many options.

Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer MPV review

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4.3 out of 5Read Full ReviewWatch Video

The Grand C4 SpaceTourer is proof, if proof were needed, that it’s possible to build a truly stylish seven-seat people carrier. The interior is appealingly minimalist and modern, as well as being light, airy and hugely practical. Three ISOFIX points in the second-row seats and a huge 632-litre boot (with the third-row seats folded) shows Citroen has clearly thought about how families use their cars.Advertisement – Article continues below

There’s also a huge amount of light (especially if you get the panoramic sunroof) and excellent visibility for everyone inside. You get a huge number of cubbyholes and storage spaces dotted around the interior, so there’s loads of room to store the family paraphernalia needed for long journeys. Prices are reasonable, standard kit is generous and the most economical engine returns around 58mpg. The driving experience is relaxingly comfortable, if not particularly engaging, but all things considered, we rate the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer as one of the best seven-seater cars currently on sale.

Dacia Jogger MPV review

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4.2 out of 5Read Full Review

The Dacia Jogger is proof that 7-seaters don’t have to be expensive. It starts from around £15,000, which makes it cheaper than the much smaller Renault Clio – a model which shares several parts and engines with the Jogger. The entry-level Essential trim is a bit basic, but the mid-range Comfort spec car has plenty of equipment including an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen, all round parking sensors and automatic air conditioning. While the flagship the Extreme SE model adds equipment such as heated seats, a reversing camera and sat-nav. Inside, the Jogger is very spacious, and unlike some rivals, it can seat seven adults comfortably. The boot is only 213 litres with the third row of seats in place, but you can remove the rearmost seats to increase cargo space to a vast 699 litres. Handily, Dacia also includes 23 litres of storage space dotted around the interior, too.Advertisement – Article continues below

Buyers can only spec a Jogger with one engine currently: a turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol producing 108bhp. It puts economy ahead of performance, returning up to 49mpg and a 0-62mph time of around 11 seconds. Like most MPVs, the Jogger offers a comfortable driving experience rather than a sporty one. It deals well with bumpy road surfaces, but is at its best when driven at a relaxed pace, due to a fair amount of body lean in sharper corners and slightly heavy steering.

Toyota Highlander SUV review

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4.2 out of 5Read Full Review

The Toyota Highlander is a new name in the UK but it’s been sold in other parts of the world for a number of years. It’s essentially a bigger version of the Toyota RAV4, rather than a rugged 4×4 like the Toyota Land Cruiser. A hybrid engine is the only one available, which promises diesel-like fuel efficiency without having to plug in. The Highlander is one of few hybrid SUVs to have a large towing capacity; it’s rated up to 2,000kg, so easily enough for even a large caravan or trailer.

Inside, it’s a lot like a top-spec RAV4 because UK buyers only get a choice of Excel and Excel Premium trim levels. Kit includes heated leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, a reversing camera and wireless phone charging; the Highlander isn’t cheap, so lots of equipment is meant to justify the purchase price. Seven reclining and highly configurable seats are standard, and even with them all in place you’ve got a bigger boot than in a Ford Fiesta; fold both rear rows down and the cargo space is akin to a van. Lots of cubbies make it easy to store little things out of sight in the cabin area too.

Peugeot 5008 SUV review

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4.1 out of 5Read Full Review

When designing the latest Peugeot 5008, the French firm ditched the old MPV bodystyle in favour of the fashionable SUV. In doing so, Peugeot has created one of the most distinctive family cars you can buy. Active types will appreciate its tough, outdoorsy looks, while its high driving position promises excellent visibility for driver and passengers alike. The eye-catching design continues inside, however, the futuristic-looking dashboard has as much substance as style – the controls are easy to use and build quality is impressive.Advertisement – Article continues below

There’s loads of space in the five main seats, but the third row is rather tight and boot space suffers while they’re in use. Kids will love them on short journeys, though. Every version is well equipped, with autonomous emergency braking and state-of-the-art connectivity, but prices rapidly increase as you ascend the model range. You can expect over 50mpg from most of the diesel engines and the 128bhp version makes the car very relaxing to drive. It’s worth noting, though, that four-wheel drive isn’t an option – this is no mud-plugger, despite its off-road looks.

Nissan X-Trail SUV review

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4.1 out of 5Read Full ReviewWatch Video

The Nissan X-Trail comes with five seats as standard, but spend an extra £1,000 and you get a seven-seat SUV with a generous boot and ‘staggered’ seating, meaning each row sits slightly higher than the one ahead of it, improving visibility and passenger space.

Like its smaller Qashqai sibling, the X-Trail has a modern, practical and well built interior, while the optional four-wheel-drive system will be a welcome addition if you want to venture off road occasionally – although the X-Trail is less competent in this area than the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Still, the X-Trail enables you to get behind the wheel of a seven-seat SUV for under £30,000 and offers a comfortable and relaxing driving experience, together with a raised driving position and rugged good looks.

Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV review

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4 out of 5Read Full ReviewWatch Video

The Discovery Sport fills a gap that Land Rover had left in its line-up for years. Namely, a car for those who don’t want anything quite as big as a Discovery, but sometimes have to carry seven. Clever features abound, such as a second row of seats that slides back and forth to maximise legroom or load space, or to provide third-row occupants with a little extra room. However, space for seven does involve a bit of a squeeze and the rearmost seats are best suited to younger passengers and short journeys.Advertisement – Article continues below

There’s little doubt that they add to the Discovery Sport’s versatility, though, making it a very well rounded family SUV. It also combines impressive road manners with off-road capabilities that don’t come naturally to many of the Land Rover’s rivals – it’ll wade through 600mm of water and can be taken off the beaten track with some confidence. With around 40mpg possible from the most economical version, some rivals are less expensive to run, but few have a broader range of talents.

Volkswagen Multivan MPV review

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4 out of 5Read Full Review

After the withdrawal of the Volkswagen Sharan in 2021, the Volkswagen Multivan fills a gap in the brand’s range for those looking for a seven-seater that isn’t an SUV. On the inside, the Multivan is similar to the Volkswagen Golf, with a digital instrument cluster and large central infotainment screen. However, unlike the Golf, the Multivan’s interior is cavernous, with 469 litres behind the third row of seats and flexible seating to suit any family situation. There are plenty of smart features to keep people happy on long journeys too, such as a sliding centre console that can be used as a table.

The Multivan isn’t offered with a diesel engine at launch, which is slated to arrive later this year. Instead, you have the choice of petrol or an economical plug-in hybrid, though the latter is rather expensive at more than £50,000.

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Top 10 best 7-seater cars 2022

  1. Kia Sorento SUV
  2. Skoda Kodiaq SUV
  3. Volvo XC90 SUV
  4. Citroen C4 SpaceTourer MPV
  5. Dacia Jogger
  6. Toyota Highlander SUV
  7. Peugeot 5008 SUV
  8. Nissan X-Trail SUV
  9. Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV
  10. Volkswagen Multivan MPV

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