What Is The Most Luxurious Lexus

Lexus’s New SUV Promises Off-Road Capabilities and Backseat Massages. Can It Pull Off Both?

The LX 600 Ultra-Luxury claims to do it all. Here’s what you can expect.


 JAN 26, 2022


Lexus’s new LX 600 is here and set to rival luxury SUV competitors and replace Toyota’s beloved, recently-discontinued Land Cruiser—quite a challenge. The LX 600, which arrived fourteen years after the third generation LX, is available in five tiers—the LX 600, LX 600 Premium, F Sport, LX Luxury Edition, LX 600 Ultra Luxury—with a goal of attracting sporty off-roaders and well-heeled customers alike. The swanky new SUV promises brawn and beauty; the ability to weather all terrain while boasting a luxurious curb appeal.

While passengers enjoy massages in the backseat, the driver can feel comforted by more practical features, including blind spot monitors, parking assist, and an all new Lexus Safety System.


What Is The Most Luxurious Lexus Model

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The discontinuation of the Land Cruiser in the U.S. has set high expectations for all tiers of the new LX, but it’s their most luxury offering, the LX 600 Ultra-Luxury, that perhaps has the most pressure to deliver on their promise: a car with everything in one. How will Lexus’s latest and greatest manage to not just take the place of the almighty Land Cruiser, but also go up against Land Rover, Mercedes’s G-Class, and Lincoln SUVs?

Richard Hollingsworth, Lexus’s Product Marketing Analyst, says the car is designed to appeal to the customer who “wants their vehicle to have valet and curb appeal and have the same Prestige SUV look even while parked.” The Ultra Luxury is sleek and stately with its massive grille, pearly finish, and chrome detailing. It comes with all the bells and whistles that the LX 600 has to offer: All seats are heated, and up front they come with ventilation, too. A 25-speaker Mark Levison sound system features 2,400 watt surround sound, Wi-Fi connectability includes a hotspot and integrated music streaming, and there are four USB ports plus a rear-seat wireless charger.

With the reclining seats in Lexus’s new LX600 Ultra Luxury, you can lay back and enjoy the ride.


While the front-of-car experience is top notch—a 12.3 inch touchscreen display is designed with an intuitive interface, and a middle console “cool box” offers temporary refrigeration—it’s in the second row where the really cool stuff happens. Reclining captain’s chairs flank a middle console with an easy-to-use touch screen, which allows passengers to control all the backseat amenities, including a massage function. The neatest features are those you can access with the push of a button, including one that pushes the passenger’s seat forward while reclining the backseat behind it to an impressive 48 degrees. The backseat entertainment system includes two 11.4 inch screens, and sunshades on each window allows passengers to fully enjoy their entertainment. Considering its off-road capabilities, however, it must also perform well on rough terrain—just like its predecessors. So how about those capabilities?

Lexus reps say that even though the Ultra-Luxury may bring about a new set of customers, they didn’t forget about die hard Land Cruiser fans. The model’s off-roading features are many. Crawl control, downhill assist, and hydraulic active height control promise a smooth ride regardless of terrain. Having test-driven the vehicle myself, the off-road experience was comfortable and smooth, and the Multi-Terrain Monitor allows you to see the surrounding area through several camera views, for times when visibility through the windshield is limited. A turn assist feature allows the car to pivot around areas with a tighter turning radius, and the Multi-Terrain Select function allows you to choose settings for a variety of surfaces, including mud, sand, and loose rocks.

It remains to be seen whether the Ultra Luxury tier will appeal to those who frequently off-road, or if it’s more for those who want to know they have the option, should they ever need it. When asked about the Ultra Luxury customer, Hollingsworth adds, “It is all about their success and power. Luxury is indulgent and exclusive. Status and brand matter to them.”

2023 Lexus RX – New Engines, More Space, and a 367-Horsepower F Sport Performance Hybrid

The 2023 Lexus RX may look like a facelift, but it’s completely new from the ground up

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Based on how many luxury crossover SUVs were launched in recent years, one may assume that this segment is relatively new. The reality, however, is that they’ve been in the scene for a long time now, and the Lexus RX was one of the pioneers of this segment. First unveiled in 1998, the Lexus RX is now in its fifth generation, and since its release, it’s been the best-selling Lexus in the United States. No pressure then. 

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Back in late-2021 when Toyota and Lexus showcased an entire range – by range we mean 17 – concepts, nobody was surprised to see so many SUVs. In fact, out of the 17 models revealed, only a handful were cars, and all but one of those cars were wearing a Lexus badge. The highlight of the entire event, if you discount that potential Toyota MR2 successor, was the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept. The sheer popularity of SUVs and crossovers mixed in with their ability to support larger batteries (and more range) means the potential for cars like the Lexus Electrified Sport is dwindling by the day. Fortunately, Lexus doesn’t see it that way, because to Lexus, SUVs aren’t everything.


2022 Lexus IS


With a few exceptions, this Lexus sports sedan is all love, and now it comes with a V-8!

May 9, 2022 16:00 by Amreetam Basu

The Lexus IS brings a lot of excitement for the 2022 model year, but that does not mean it was never exciting. Lexus was intelligent enough to give it a facelift for the 2021 model year, ensuring that the lack of a new generation has no bearing on sales. The IS was always a daily-driver kind of sports sedan, which offered both, comfort and decent performance. But, rivals like the 3 Series, the C-Class, and the A4, are more dynamic on the road when compared to the IS. Surely you would love to take the IS on the highways, but what if you wanted to take it to the track? For the 2022 model year, Lexus has started rolling out the more performance-focused IS500 F Sport Performance models. These models are not only powered by a throatier 5.0-liter V-8 but also come with an adaptive sport suspension, quad-exhaust tips, and upgraded brakes. As for the standard IS300, there are still two engine options, one is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot, and the other one is the underpowered 3.5-liter V-6 which also powers the IS350 F Sport, but is rated at 311 horsepower. It is a bit confusing about the whole IS, but we will try to simplify them in the latter part of the review. Apart from performance, Lexus cars are more about luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, which we witness with every line-up. Do all of these make Lexus a more approachable brand? Is the Lexus IS the best buy for you?


Jaguar F-Type v Lexus LC500: Two Beasts Lock Horns In An Intense Battle For Supremacy

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Sam for ‘Sam CarLegion’ staged yet another drag race and uploaded the video on his YouTube channel. This time, he had the Jaguar F-Type and the Lexus LC500 on the drag strip with him. Both the cars feature a 5.0-liter V-8 under the hood, but that is pretty much where all the similarities end. One car’s got a supercharger attached to the engine, while the other is a free-flowing naturally aspirated mill. One is an all-wheel-drive model, and the other, a RWD. One makes more torque and the other churns out more horses. Which car do you have your bets on?



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The Lexus RZ 450e Debuts As A Luxurious And More Powerful Derivative Of The Toyota bZ4X

The Lexus RZ 450e is an AWD-only model, makes over 300 horses, and has an estimated range of 225 miles

April 20, 2022 06:20 by Sidd Dhimaan

The RZ 450e can be considered Lexus’ first offering to the EV segment. Well, it was the UX 300e, but it shared the same platform as its internal combustion-engined counterpart. So, it won’t be wrong to label it as a half-hearted attempt. Now, however, the company has come up with the RZ 450e, a car based on the Toyota bZ4x, which in turn is mechanically similar to the Subaru Solterra.


Lexus Says No to an LC F but Yes to Something Even Better

Will we live in a time when Lexus takes on the Mercedes-AMG GT? It seems it’s quite possible, if you can believe that

April 14, 2022 10:00 by Robert Moore

It’s been a year or so since rumors began to swirl that Lexus was building an LC F – a high-performance take on the LC500 grand tourer. As it turns out, Lexus did actually build a turbocharged concept on the LC platform, but it never passed the evaluation stage, which means that while cars like the LC still have a future at Lexus, the LC F is never going to happen, at least not in the way we all expected it to anyway. There is a noticeable gap within Lexus’ performance lineup, namely the LFA and the IS, and what’s coming to fill that gap might be better than an LC F could have ever been.


2022 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series

The LC 500 Inspiration Series makes a comeback for the 2022 model year and it will be limited to 150 examples

March 19, 2022 12:00 by Alina Moore

If Europe got the very cool looking LC500 Hokkaido Edition, for the American market, Lexus continues a tradition that started back in 2018 with the launch of the LC500 Inspiration Concept. Yes, the special edition LC 500 Inspiration Series makes a comeback for the 2022 model year, and it will be offered for both coupe and convertible versions.


2022 Lexus LC500 Hokkaido Edition

The Lexus LC500 gets a volcanic, limited-edition model, in April

March 15, 2022 12:00 by Dim Angelov

The Lexus LC500 is currently the flagship luxury sports car in the brand’s lineup. Since its inception in 2017, the luxury grand tourer has been impressing us with some of the most exquisite interiors and sophisticated powertrains in the segment. That said, for 2022, the LC500 is getting a special Hokkaido edition, and here’s what we learned.



The Next-Gen LFA Will Be A Multi-Flavored Delicacy

Apparently, the Lexus LFA will have two successors, and there’s something special about both of them

March 7, 2022 12:00 by Robert Moore

It’s only been a few years since Lexus told the world that demand would dictate whether or not there’s a second-gen LFA, and just eight months after that, it was announced that the LC F – the spiritual successor to the LFA – was canceled. In 2021, we learned that Lexus hadn’t given up on the idea, but we’d have to wait, and when Lexus revealed the Sport Concept. We learned that it would, in fact, inspire the LFA’s successor and that the wait may have been coming to an end. So, the next-gen Lexus LFA is going to be electric, and this was expected, but what we’ve learned now borders on the line of insanity. According to a new report, Lexus is prepping two LFA successors, and only one is electric – how’s that for a twist?



Lexus RC F: Looking to the Toyota GR GT3 Concept as a Basis for Evolution

The next-gen Lexus RC is going to be awesome, but we didn’t think it would be this awesome!

February 28, 2022 12:00 by Robert Moore

The Lexus RC F has turned out to be a decent GT3 race car, but it wasn’t without some extreme effort from Lexus engineers. See, the current RC wasn’t designed with motorsports in mind at all, so when Lexus launched the RC F GT3, it did so as an afterthought, so it was way too heavy and hard to adapt. We’ve learned that the next-gen RC will rectify this issue by being designed for motorsports from the ground up, but what we didn’t know is that Lexus already has a working DNA pattern, and it comes from the recently revealed Toyota GR GT3 Concept that was shown off at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon.



Does The Lexus RC F Have In It To Beat The BMW M4 With

This is a surprisingly interesting mix of two cars with very different characteristics

February 24, 2022 06:00 by Sidd Dhimaan

Sam from ‘Sam CarLegion’ is not new to getting different cars together for a series of drag races and roll races. Remember the time when he got a Fusion Sport that humiliated a Ford Mustang? Building on the “not-the-race-we-wanted-but-the race-we-needed” series, Sam got a Lexus RC F to take on the popular car, the BMW M4. One’s got a V-8, the other a six-pot mill; one’s naturally aspirated and the other comes with a turbocharger. But, the difference that could be a deciding factor is the gearbox. It’s a manual gearbox vs automatic transmission. You’ve got the Kidney grille or the spindle?


This 1,250-HP Lexus IS300 Has a 2JZ With Honda Internals And AWD

This insanely modified Lexus IS300 puts down some serious 2JZ power through all four wheels

February 18, 2022 18:00 by Dim Angelov

The world of tuner cars is vast and the sky is the limit. All-wheel-drive conversions are becoming more and more common as it is the best way to put insane amounts of horsepower to the ground. Today’s build, presented on That Racing Channel, once again, comes from Alberth from AD Turbo. We recently showcased his all-wheel-drive, 2JZ-powered Nissan 240SX, which is the fastest in the U.S. Now, he is showing us his other all-wheel-drive beast – a 1,250-horsepower Lexus IS300, which is also street legal.



2022 Lexus GX

This 4Runner-based luxury vehicle is the most reliable and capable SUV you can buy right now

February 15, 2022 12:00 by Amreetam Basu

Lexus’ body-on-frame taste has been implemented well to the GX, and with all the luxury amenities, it is one of the best off-road-biased luxury SUVs in its class. The only big change for the 2022 model year includes the infotainment system which now has a 10.3-inch touchscreen display along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.



Lexus Electrified Sport Concept Further Detailed In Photos And Video

And it will have the “secret sauce” of the LFA

February 13, 2022 06:00 by Isaac Atienza

Just after showing more details of its near-production-ready Lexus RZ and the Lexus Electrified SUV Concept, it’s now time for the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept to shine. It’s billed as an electric supercar with the “secret sauce” from the LFA, and it’s just one of a much larger range of electric vehicles (EVs) that the Japanese luxury automaker will be releasing within the decade.


If This Electrified Sedan Concept Is A Preview Of What’s To Come, Then The Future Lexus EVs Will Look Breathtaking

The Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept is just one of a plethora of upcoming Lexus electric vehicles

February 11, 2022 12:00 by Isaac Atienza

Lexus has shown us a closer look at the near-production-ready RZ and the Electrified SUV Concept. This means it’s now time for the Electrified Sedan Concept to show more of its pretty face as Lexus reveals more photos of its future electric sedan.


Lexus Releases More Photos Of Its Electrified SUV Concept

It will be bigger than the recently-unveiled RZ

February 8, 2022 10:00 by Isaac Atienza

Just a few days ago, we were given a more thorough look at the upcoming Lexus RZ 450e, which will be the brand’s first electric vehicle (EV) that’s riding on a dedicated EV platform. For reference, the Lexus UX 300e rides on a platform that’s meant to utilize an internal combustion engine (ICE). This time around, the Japanese luxury automaker is giving us a look at its three-row electric SUV.

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