Which Cars Have a Big Boot

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Which Cars Have a Big Boot

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Whether you’re in need of a family hatchback with a large boot, an estate car or an MPV with a more useful, spacious interior, we’ve got recommendations from our expert What Car? reviews team. We’ve listed the top 10 cars for practicality in their respective categories here – read on to find out which ones score the best when it comes to boot space, in-car storage and other important things that make real-world family life easier.

Check out this list of the 20 cheapest cars to maintain over time. In addition to being lightweight and easy to handle, these ten cars all made our 201910 most reliable…

Affordable Cars With Big Boots

Regardless of the size of the car you’re looking for, a key attribute often searched for is boot size. Boot loadspace capacity is often mentioned in terms of the amount of litres it will hold. Obviously to the majority of consumers, completing their research into buying a car, space in litres isn’t always overly helpful.

so how big is big? One of the first things consumers will look for when searching for a new car is boot space, even if the car is small, boot capacity is often a key factor in deciding which model to buy. This blog not only gives you the specifics on the size of the boot, but it describes what it means for your day-to-day life by using examples of useful everyday items to illustrate how much can fit inside or how much space you’ll have left over.

We have filtered the results further by only showing you cars that are part of our manufacturer offers’ range and with a boot space that is suitable for the vehicle’s size and class. Most results offer a high roof line which is ideal for loading pushchairs, prams and large dogs.

Some cars are designed for the daily commute, others for a weekly trip to the shops. In this list we’ve sought out cars that are capable of carrying club golf bags and pushchairs, prams and pets, as well as providing decent luggage space for families.

Most buyers are conscious of the amount of space available to them in their next car. Car manufacturers will often advertise boot capacities when marketing their vehicles, which can be helpful if you know exactly what you’ll want to fit inside. However, this can be somewhat confusing, so take a look at our list of cars with big boots for an idea of what other motorists are purchasing for their travelling needs.

If you’re on the hunt for a new car with a big boot we’ve compiled a list of cars that are spacious in the boot and why. There may also be limited edition models or variations of these cars which have a larger boot than usual, so it’s always worth checking before you buy. All boot sizes are measured in litres, with the number showing how much space you get.

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