Who has the best rebates on new cars right now

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This week, I sifted through all of the incentives available nationwide on new models to see which ones are currently offering the largest cash-back rebates this month.

There are some vehicles that are offering cash back rebates up to $7,500 in some regions, such as the Audi S8

Keep in mind, however, these incentives are the maximum available nationwide. Your local region may not have these same incentives or these may be applicable only to a specific trim or style, so check with your local dealers to confirm.

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Largest Cash Back Rebates

RankVehicleMax RebateLocation
12021 Audi S8$7,500Nationwide
22021 Audi A8$7,500Nationwide
32021 Audi A8 e Plug-in Hybrid$7,500Nationwide
42021 Jeep Grand Cherokee$4,400Multiregion
52021 Dodge Challenger$4,000Los Angeles
62021 Dodge Charger$4,000Los Angeles
72021 Jeep Gladiator$4,000Washington DC
82021 Fiat 500X$4,000Texas
92021 Dodge Durango$3,950Southeast
102021 Buick Enclave$3,750Multiregion
112022 Ram 1500$3,750Los Angeles
122021 Jeep Renegade$3,750Multiregion
132021 Chrysler Pacifica$3,750Northeast
142021 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid$3,500Detroit
152022 Jeep Compass$3,250Los Angeles
162021 Ram 1500 Classic$3,250Pacific NW
172021 Ford Edge$3,000Detroit
182021 Chrysler 300$3,000Southeast
192021 Ford EcoSport$3,000Detroit
202022 Dodge Durango$2,950Southeast
212021 Chevrolet Equinox$2,500Chicago
222021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L$2,500Detroit
232022 Jeep Gladiator$2,500Los Angeles
242022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK$2,500Detroit
252022 Ford Edge$2,500Multiregion
262022 Ram 1500 Classic$2,250Pacific NW
272021 Jeep Cherokee$2,250Detroit
282021 Ford F-150$2,100Detroit
292022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Plug-in Hybrid$2,000Nationwide
302021 Ford Escape Hybrid$2,000Detroit
312021 Ford Escape$2,000Detroit
322021 Ford Explorer Hybrid$2,000Detroit
332021 Ford Explorer$2,000Detroit
342021 Toyota Tundra$2,000Chicago
352021 Chevrolet Blazer$1,750Chicago
362021 Cadillac XT6$1,750Nationwide
372021 Cadillac XT5$1,500Nationwide
382022 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid$1,500Multiregion
392021 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid$1,500Pacific NW
402021 Ford Expedition$1,500Multiregion
412022 Volvo S60$1,250Nationwide
422021 Honda Passport$1,250Nationwide
432022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio$1,000Nationwide
442022 Alfa Romeo Giulia$1,000Nationwide
452021 Audi S6$1,000Nationwide
462021 Audi S4$1,000Nationwide
472021 Audi A6$1,000Nationwide
482021 Audi A4$1,000Nationwide
492021 Buick Encore$1,000Multiregion
502021 Buick Encore GX$1,000Multiregion
512022 Chevrolet Blazer$1,000Nationwide
522022 Ford Escape$1,000Multiregion
532022 Ford Escape Hybrid$1,000Multiregion
542022 Ford Explorer Hybrid$1,000Pacific NW
552022 Ford Explorer$1,000Pacific NW
562021 Ford Mustang$1,000West Coast
572021 Ford Ranger$1,000Multiregion
582022 GMC Acadia$1,000Nationwide
592022 Kia Stinger$1,000Nationwide
602022 Kia Niro Hybrid$1,000Nationwide
612022 Mini Clubman$1,000Nationwide
622021 Nissan TITAN XD$1,000Nationwide
632021 Nissan TITAN$1,000Nationwide
642021 Buick Envision$1,000Multiregion
652022 GMC Terrain$750Nationwide
662021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500$750Chicago
672022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross$750Nationwide
682022 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid$750Nationwide
692022 Kia Sportage$750Nationwide
702022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L$750Southeast
712022 GMC Sierra 1500 limited$550Nationwide
722021 Cadillac CT5$500Nationwide
732022 Cadillac XT5$500Nationwide
742022 Cadillac XT6$500Nationwide
752022 Buick Encore GX$500Multiregion
762022 Volvo XC40$500Multiregion
772022 Toyota Tacoma$500Detroit
782021 Cadillac CT4$500Nationwide
792021 Cadillac XT4$500Nationwide
802022 Mini Cooper$500Nationwide
812022 Mini Countryman$500Nationwide
822022 Kia Soul$500Nationwide
832022 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid$500Southeast
842022 Ford Ranger$500Pacific NW
852021 Chevrolet Colorado$500Chicago
862022 Chevrolet Colorado$500Chicago
872022 Chevrolet Equinox$500Chicago
882022 Chevrolet Traverse$500Chicago
892022 Chevrolet Trax$500Detroit
902021 Chevrolet Traverse$500Chicago
912021 Chevrolet Malibu$500Chicago
922022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD$500Chicago
932022 Buick Envision$250Pacific NW
942022 Buick Encore$250Multiregion

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